St. Ignatius

Canvas FAQ

These are questions commonly asked of us about our use of Canvas.

Why does SI use Canvas?

SI uses Canvas as its Learning Management System. A Learning Management System is a one stop shop, for students to access assignments, search for homework, calendar important dates and get access to all the important information regarding assessments for each class in a paperless manner.  We use Canvas for three reasons. Consistency, organization and college preparation for our students. In 2014 various faculty and department members engaged in a very thorough investigation of several learning management systems. Collectively, they found Canvas to be the optimal learning management system for our students. Additionally, 5 out of the top 25 business schools use Canvas as well as 275 colleges and universities such as USC, Stanford, USF, Santa Clara and Julliard School of Music.  By design, SI students are gaining exposure and increasing their comfort level in a system that they will use in their college experience. 


Is Canvas hard to learn? 

Canvas is fairly easy to learn. Incoming students who have had experience with Google Classroom, Haiku, Blackboard or Schoology will have an easy time transitioning to Canvas. 


How does SI onboard incoming students with Canvas?

SI offer an online orientation to Canvas to all incoming students. Information about this orientation is mailed out to incoming families and can also be found on the parent portal of our website. We offer the Canvas and Tech orientation so that students feel comfortable and supported for their first days of school.  The online component allows students to  walk through Canvas and Technology instruction at their own pace. You can access that online course here: The in-person or synchronous (real time)  component is a live Zoom meeting where incoming students can ask questions in real time from SI’s Director of IT and Dir. of Ed Tech & Innovation. 


How do I access Canvas?

Canvas can be accessed via browser by going to this website on any browser: If you are using the app,, be sure to identify St.Ignatius College Prep SF as your school. There is also a St. Ignatius in Chicago that we are sometimes confused with. Your login will not work unless you identify the correct school. 


How do I login to Canvas?

Students will receive their username and password during the online orientation offered to all incoming students. SI students will typically use their first initial + last name + graduating year as their login. They will be shown how to  create their password during the orientation. 


What if I am having trouble with Canvas? 

Contact SI’s Director of Ed Tech at or our Director of IT at If you need immediate assistance, you can also call 415.682.5000. You can also check the status of the canvas website here to see if there are any system-wide issues:


How can I get further training with Canvas?

There is an online course offered to all incoming students that can be found here: You can also set up a one to one with our Dir. of Ed Tech & Innovation here: