Information for Registered Students

in the 6th, 7th, 8th, & 9th grade Academic Programs 2017

last updated:  2/26/2017

Welcome to St. Ignatius Summer Programs! This information is intended for all registered students in the St. Ignatius Summer Academic Program for 6th, 7th, 8th or 9thgrade students as of fall 2017. We look forward to meeting you and working with you this summer. The summer academic program will run from June 19 – July 21, 2017. Monday and Tuesday, July 3 and 4, 2017 will be both school and camp holidays.

Schedule: Each student will receive his/her summer academic schedule of classes on the first day of summer school. The regular school schedule is from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon. If a student has registered and paid for the extra and optional Intro to Computer & Internet class, the first class meeting will be on Tuesday, June 20, 2017.

First day of school (students): All students will pick up their academic schedules on June 19 in the Orradre Courtyard starting at 8:30 am. All rising 7th & 8th grade students will then proceed to the Carlin Commons (school cafeteria) for a short assembly before heading off to their first period classes. All rising 6th & 9th grade students will proceed to the Chapel for a short assembly before heading off to their first period classes. This is subject to change; we will communicate via email any times or places that change as we get closer to June 19, 2017. 

First day of school (parents): Parents are invited (but not required) to join us in the Carlin Commons or Chapel for the opening welcome. Coffee and tea will be provided for the parents in the Commons. We also plan to have Wildcat Wear (sweatshirts, T-shirts, etc.) available for purchase in the Commons on the first day of school only. Payment can be made in cash, check, Visa or MasterCard.

Morning drop-off ($15 per day):  Morning drop-off is held from 8:45 – 8:55 am. From 8:00 - 9:00 am, morning extended care is available. The morning extended care drop-off area will be held in the Orradre Courtyard, north end of the campus. Look for signs posted for the exact location of extended care. For the safety of our students, parents are not allowed on campus. Adults are not allowed in the Gym Foyer, Courtyard or Commons during breakfast, recess, or during the lunch hour from noon - 1 pm.

Drop Off & Pick-up of Students: There will be drop-off and pick-up procedures in place this summer for our Summer Programs students. Please follow the directions of the SI Security Staff when dropping off and picking up. The new drop-off and pick-up white curb zone is located on 37th Avenue between Quintara & Rivera Avenues and will be enforced by SFMTA. For the safety of our students, parents are prohibited from double parking in front of the school along 37th Avenue, between Pacheco and Quintara Avenues. This causes traffic to back up onto Sunset Boulevard and in the past has created hazards to traffic flow. Please encourage students to use crosswalks to avoid jaywalking and darting in between cars along 37th Avenue and further delaying moving traffic. SI Guards and school personnel will be outside to monitor for vehicles stopped or parked in traffic, as prohibited by the California Vehicle Code. It is recommended that you designate a time and place to pick up your student so as to avoid the need to stop and/or double park. 

After-Care pick up ($15 per day): Will be in the Cowell Pavilion (gym foyer) from 4:00 - 5:00 pm located in the south end of the campus. 

Closed Campus: For the safety of our students, SI is a closed campus. Parents and visitors are required to sign in at the Summer Programs office located south of the courtyard and to the north of the main school entrance. Look for signs in front of school. Adults are not allowed in the Gym Foyer, Courtyard, or Commons during breakfast, recess, or during the lunch hour from noon - 1 pm. Parents must wait outside of the courtyard when picking up their children. Please follow the directions of the SI Security Staff. 

Breakfast: Cold breakfast items and hot breakfast sandwiches will be available for sale each morning (except the first day of school, Monday, June 19, 2017) from 8 – 8:55 am in the Carlin Commons located adjacent to the Orradre Courtyard.

Lunch: Students may purchase a lunch (view daily menus) in our student cafeteria (the Commons) or bring their own lunch. The Commons will be supervised free of charge between 12 noon and 1:00 pm. Students must proceed to their afternoon camps or get picked up no later than 1 pm each day. 

Dress Code: While summer school dress is casual, students are expected to be clean and neat in their attire. Walking shorts (at or below the knee), jeans, athletic shoes, sandals and T-shirts are allowed. All clothing should be in good condition, modest and appropriate for a school environment. Tank tops or sleeveless shirts of any kind are not allowed. Plunging necklines are not allowed. T-shirts must not bear any images or words inappropriate for a school environment. No beards, mustaches, long sideburns, visible piercings or visible tatoos are allowed. Students who do not follow the dress code or who are deemed to be inappropriately dressed will be assigned detention and/or asked to wear a shirt or pants provided by the Deans' office.

Break: There will be a short break every day during summer school. Students will go to the Commons for break. Students may bring a snack from home or purchase snacks in the Commons during break time. 

Absences: Parents and guardians are asked to please call the Summer School office at 415-731-7500 x 5288 before 8:30 am on the morning of the absence to leave a message. Students must report to the Summer School office upon returning to school before reporting to their first class. Students must also bring a note from home explaining their absence.

Tardies: Students are expected to arrive on time to each class meeting. A tardy student must report to the Summer School office before reporting to class. Two (2) or more tardies in a week will result in detention. More than five (5) tardies may result in dismissal from summer school.

Detention: Students who are given detention will serve a 15 minute detention immediately after school on the day it is assigned. Students with detention are to report to the Summer School office. Detention usually involves picking up litter in the Commons, Courtyard, Student Center or in front of the school building.

Tuition: Tuition must be paid in full upon registration.

Course Descriptions: Students will receive a one-page course syllabus from each of their summer school teachers during the first week of school.

Course Evaluations: Students will receive a written evaluation of their work for each summer school course. These will be mailed home or emailed to the email of record at the close of summer school. Letter grades will not be assigned as this is an enrichment program and not intended to make-up for or substitute courses during the regular academic year.

Emergency Standard Response ProtocolsThis description of our safety program is available to parents for your information.

 General School Policies:

1. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner in class. Students will demonstrate respect and courtesy towards themselves, their teachers and peers at all times. Fighting or behavior that is aggressive toward another student or school personnel will not be tolerated.

2. Students are expected to take personal responsibility for desks, classroom materials and equipment. Any destruction of school property will not be tolerated.

3. Students may not leave campus during school hours or during the lunch hour (if proceeding to an afternoon camp) without the express permission of the Dean or Director of Summer Programs.

4. Knives, weapons of any kind, ipods, MP3 players and skateboards are prohibited. Students may not play with footballs, soccer balls etc. in front of, behind or inside the school building. These items will be confiscated if used improperly in front of, behind or inside the school building. Cell phones are permitted as long as they are not used during class or in the school building. Repeated use of a cell phone in the school building will result in the student being assigned detention. Students may receive and make calls, if necessary, during recess or lunch.

5. Students are not to use foul language.

6. Food, drinks, and chewing gum are not allowed within the school building.

7. Students may not congregate in the school hallway during recess and must go to the school cafeteria or gym foyer.

8. Students who are not registered for an afternoon camp must leave the school grounds by 1 pm.

9. St. Ignatius reserves the right to assign detention and/or dismiss any student who violates any of the school rules or regulations.

10. Please refer back to this page for information about the 2017 summer session at SI.