Summer Academic Program 
Students entering the 9th grade at SI 
in August 2017

Last updated: 3/7/2017

Preparing you for high school

This program is for incoming St. Ignatius Freshmen only


Enrollment: This program will be limited to incoming SI 9th graders

Get ready for high school with this prep program for students entering 9th grade at St. Ignatius in the fall of 2017. You will be one step ahead of the crowd by improving and advancing in your math and English skills. In addition, you will have the opportunity to learn and practice additional skills that all students need for a successful high school academic experience. All students will be enrolled in three classes.

Dates: June 19 - July 21, 2017
Time: 9 am - 12 noon
Cost: $1115

All students will take our 9th grade English course called English for Success, HS Algebra or Geometry, and Advanced U.S. History.

Math Class Options

High School Algebra
Students will review and master essential algebra concepts such as: domain, range, absolute value, factoring, graphing and systems of equations and inequalities. Students will study and solve linear, quadratic and radical equations. By the conclusion of this course, the students should be well prepared to begin their high school math experience.

For students who have been successful in their current math classes and want to explore a new math topic. Some knowledge of algebra is helpful for students taking this class. In this class, students will explore the relationships of plane figures using traditional Euclidean postulates and theorems. Conventional symbols and vocabulary will be used to describe geometric relationships of objects in the real world. Some hands-on activities will be included.

English for Success

Students will polish their skills for the English classroom before high school begins. The course will cover all the essentials: vocabulary building, basic grammar skills, paragraph writing, short story and poetry analysis. The students will also be reading The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon, the required reading assignment for incoming frosh.

Advanced U.S. History

Did you know you can earn college credit while you are only in high school? Advanced Placement classes teach students college level curriculum to help them pass a test at the end of the year. This class is a Pre-AP US History class. Students will examine primary documents, exercise critical thinking skills using historical scenarios, and practice test taking skills using modified AP History tests. Assignments will hone research skills to make the transition to high school level work much easier. Go beyond your middle school historical understandings and try something new. Some topics we may study include: WWII, The Great Depression, and The American Revolution.

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Summer Sports Camps
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