SI Authors

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Allender, Thomas G., ('57)
(b.1940) Jesuit priest; retreat director and speaker
•A.A. retreats [audiotape] Community Productions.
•Anger and forgiveness [audiotape] Community productions, 1986.
•Family spirituality [audiotape] Community Productions, 1994.
•Practical spirituality [audiotape] Community Productions, 1985.
•Practical spirituality in relationships [audiotape] Community Productions, 1986.
•Spiritual perspectives [videotape] Community Productions for Life's Journey, n.d.
•Understanding and taking charge of your personality [audiotape] Community Productions, 1986.
•Your parish mission [audiotape]. Community Productions, 1986, 1993.

Berlo, Robert C. ('58)
Deputy Dept. Head, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
•California county boundary history. Livermore, 2000.
•Largest cities of the U.S.: historical population statistics. Livermore, 2000.
•Manual of the ovulation (Billings) method of natural family planning. Oakland Diocese, 1976.
•Population history maps of California counties and urban areas. Livermore, 1999.
•Population history maps of California places. Livermore, 2000.
•Population history of California places. Livermore, 2000.
•The Scientific report: a guide for authors. [co-author with W. Clements] Lawrence Lab, 1986.
•State boundary history maps. Livermore, 2000.
•The U.S.-Numbered highways of the west: a cartographic study. Livermore, 2000.

Bianchi, Eugene C. (’48)
(b.1930) Professor of Religion, Emory University, Atlanta.
•Aging as a spiritual journey. Crossroad, 1982.
A Democratic Catholic church. [co-ed. with R.R. Ruether]. Crossroad, 1992.
•Elder wisdom: crafting your elderhood. Crossroad, 1994.
From machismo to mutuality: essays on sexism and woman-man liberation. Paulist Press, 1976.
•John XXIII and American Protestants. Corpus, 1968.
•On growing older: a personal guide to life over 35. Crossroad, 1985.
German translation: Mit den Jahren gehen. Kösel, 1990.
•Reconciliation: the function of the church. Sheed & Ward, 1969.
•The Religious experience of revolutionaries. Doubleday, 1972.

Biglieri, Edward G. ('42)
Professor of Medicine, UCSF.
•Endocrine hypertension (ed.). Raven Press, 1990.
•Endocrinology of hypertension [co.ed. with F. Mantero and C. Edwards]. Academic Press, 1982.

Brophy, Robert J. (’46)
(b.1928) Professor of English, California State University, Long Beach.
Robinson Jeffers. Boise St. University Press, 1975.
•Robinson Jeffers: a checklist. Privately printed, 1967.
•Robinson Jeffers: a poet in collection. Cal. State Long Beach, 1975.
•Robinson Jeffers: myth, ritual and symbol in his narrative poems. Press of Case Western Reserve University, 1973; 2d ed., Archon Books, 1976.
•The Robinson Jeffers Newsletter: a jubilee gathering, 1962-1988. Occidental College, 1988.
•Robinson Jeffers, poet, 1887-1987: a centennial exhibition. Occidental College, 1987.
•Robinson Jeffers: the dimensions of a poet [editor]. Fordham University Press, 1994.
•William Everson: Remembrances. Cal. State Long Beach, 1995
[as editor:]
•(Jeffers) Dear Judas and other poems. Liveright, 1977.
•(Jeffers) Poems and contemporary commentary. 1979.
•(Jeffers) Songs and heroes. Arundel Press, 1988.
•(Jeffers) Whom shall I write for? Ritchie, 1979.

Brown, Edmund G. (Jerry) ('55)
(b.1938) Politician, Governor of California, 1975-1982.; Mayor of Oakland, 1998-
•Dialogues. Berkeley Hills Books, 1998.
•Thoughts. City Lights Books, 1976.

Brusher, Joseph S. (’24)
(1906-1972) Jesuit priest; Professor of History at Loyola Marymount University and Santa Clara University.
•Consecrated thunderbolt: Father Yorke of San Francisco. Wagner, 1973.
•Popes through the ages. Van Nostrand, 1959.

Burns, Robert Ignatius ('39)
(b.1921) Professor of History, UCLA
•The Crusader kingdom of Valencia: reconstruction on a 13th century frontier. 2v. Harvard U.P., 1967; translation: El regne croat de Valencia: un pais de frontera al segle XIII. Tres i Quatre, 1993.
•Diplomatarium of the crusader kingdom of Valencia. 2v. [v.1: Society and documentation in crusader Valencia; v.2: Foundations of crusader Valencia: revolt and recovery, 1257-1263] Princeton U.P., 1985-90; translation: Societat i documentacio en el regnat croat de Valencia. Valencia, Tres i Quatre, 1988.
•Emperor of culture: Alfonso X the Learned of Castile [editor] Univ. of Pennsylvania Press, 1990.
•Islam under the Crusaders: colonial survival in the 13th century Kingdom of Valencia. Princeton, 1973; translation: L'Islam sota els croats. Valencia: Tres i Quatre, 1991.
•Jaume I i els Valencians del segle XIII. Valencia: Tres i Quatre, 1981.
•The Jesuits and the Indian wars of the Northwest. Yale, 1966; reprint: U. Idaho Pr., 1985.
•Jews in the notarial culture: Latinate wills in Mediterranean Spain, 1250-1350. U. Calif. Pr., 1996.
•Medieval colonialism: post-crusade exploitation of Islamic Valencia. Princeton U.P., 1975; translation: Colonialisme medieval: explotacio postcroada de la Valencia islamica. Valencia: Tres i Quatre, 1987.
•Moors and Crusaders in Mediterranean Spain: collected studies. Variorum Reprints, 1978.
•Muslims, Christians and Jews in the Crusader kingdom of Valencia. Cambridge U.P., 1984; translation: Moros, cristians i jueus en el regne croat de Valencia. Valencia, Tres i Quatre, 1987.
•Negotiating cultures: bilingual surrender treaties in Muslim-Crusader Spain under James the Conqueror. [co-author: P. Chevedden] Brill, 1999.
•El Reino de Valencia en el siglo XIII (iglesia y sociedad). Valencia: Del Cenia al Segura, 1982.
•The Worlds of Alfonso the Learned and James the Conqueror [editor] Princeton U.P., 1985; translation: Los mundos de Alfonso el Sabio y Jaime el Conquistador. Valencia: Ed. Alfons el Magnanim, 1990.
•Iberia and the Mediterranean World of the Middle Ages: Studies in honor of Robert I. Burns, S.J. v.1 (ed. by Larry J. Simon), v.2 (ed. by Paul E. Chevedden et al). Leiden: Brill, 1995-96.

Burton, Bob ('57)
Retired school administrator
•99 nuggets. Spirit Works, 1998.
•Spirit works: turn it on!. 4th ed. Spirit Works, 1997.

Butler, Lewis H. ('44)
Retired Professor, UCSF
•Cooperation between health systems agencies and professional standards review organizations. Health Policy Program, UCSF, 1976, 1977.
•Medical life on the Western frontier: the competitive impact of prepaid medical care plans in California. Institute of Governmental Studies, Univ. California. 1980.

Campbell, Peter A. (’52)
(b.1935) Author and lecturer in spirituality.
•Becoming a person in the whole Christ. [co-author with E.M. McMahon] Sheed & Ward, 1967.
•Bio-spirituality: focusing as a way to grow. [co-author: McMahon] Loyola U. Press, 1985. 2d. ed., 1997.
Chinese translation: Nei guan zi de. Kuangchi Press, 1990.
German translation: Biospiritualität: Glaube beginnt im Körper. Claudius Verlag, 1992.
•The In-between: evolution in Christian faith. [co-author with McMahon] Sheed & Ward, 1969.
Please touch. [co-author with McMahon] Sheed & Ward, 1969.

Carson, Robert M.. (’63)
(b.1945) Longshoreman and author. For a profile, see Genesis III, Summer 1995.
•America in poetry. [contributor] Abrams, 1988.
•The Waterfront writers. [editor] Harper & Row, 1979.

Castro, Eric E. (’92)
Charting a New Course: Reinventing High School Classes for the New Millennium [with Paul Totah ’75], Information Age, 2017. 

Cavanagh, Michael E. (’55)
Psychologist and author.
•Before the wedding, look before you leap. Westminster/John Knox Press, 1994.
•The Catechist as catalyst [audiotape]. Ave Maria Press, 198-.
•The Counseling experience. Brooks/Cole, 1982; reprint, Waveland Press, 1990.
•The Effective minister. Harper & Row, 1986.
•The Gift of ministry [audiotape]. Ave Maria Press, 1988.
•Make your tomorrow better. Paulist Press, 1980.
•Relationships: life-lines to the soul [audiotape]. Ave Maria Press, 198-.

Clifford, John (’35)
(1917-1984) Jesuit priest; missionary to China. Professor of Philosophy, National University, Taipei, Shujen College, Hong Kong, and University of San Francisco..
•In the presence of my enemies. Norton, 1963. Reprint: Taipei, 1964.

Coghlin, Arthur V. (190-)
(1886-1969) Jesuit priest
•Literary exercises, bks. 1-2. Gilmartin, 1926-27.

Cole, Basil B. ('55)
Dominican priest; Professor of Theology, Pont. Univ. S. Thomas, Rome.
•Christian totality: theology of consecrated life. [co-author with P.O'Connor] St. Paul Publ.; Alba House, 1998.
•Music and morals. Alba House, 1993.

Coleman, John A. (’54)
(b.1937) Jesuit priest; Professor, Loyola-Marymount University, Los Angeles; co-editor, Concilium series.
•An American strategic theology. Paulist, 1982.
•The Evolution of Dutch Catholicism, 1958-1974. Univ. California Press, 1978.
•One hundred years of Catholic social thought. [editor] Orbis Books, 1991.
•Reading the signs of the times. [co-editor with T. Sanks]. Paulist, 1993.
•Sociology: an introduction [co-author with J.H. Curtis and R. Lane]. Bruce, 1967.
[as co-editor of Concilium. Edinburgh: T. Clark:]
•v.151: The church and racism. 1982.
•v.161: New religious movements. 1983.
•v.173: The sexual revolution. 1984.
•v.181: Youth without a future? 1985.
•v.193: The church and Christian democracy. 1987.
•v.205: Sport. 1989.

Collins, Denis E. (’56)
(b.1938) Jesuit priest; Professor of Education, University of San Francisco.
•Paolo Freire, His Life, Works and Thought. Paulist Press, 1977.
Paolo Freire: Una filosofia educativa para nuestro tiempo. Edicion bilingue. Universidad La Salle, 2000. 

Collins, William J. ('55)
Asst. Professor of English , Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.
•Black Bart. [co-author with B. Levene] Pacific Transcriptions, 1992.
•EJS: discography of the Edward J. Smith recordings: "The Golden Age of Opera," 1956-1971. [co-author with W. Shaman & C. Goodwin] Greenwood Pr., 1994.

Contreras, Colleen Claitor '98
Achieving Excellence and Balance in a Mulit-Tasking Society. 

Cooney, Robert P.J. ('68)
Researcher, Educational Film Center, Washington, D.C.
The Power of the people: active nonviolence in the United States. [co-editor with H. Michalowski] rev. and up-dated ed. New Society Publications, 1987. [1st ed.: Peace Press, 1977]
•Women win the vote. National Women's History Project, 1994.

Cordes, Joseph J. ('67)
Prof. Economics, George Washington University
•Democracy, social values and public policy [co-ed. with M. Carrow and R. Churchill]. Praeger, 1998.
•Encyclopedia of taxation and tax policy [co-ed. with: R. Ebel and J. Gravelle]. Urban Institute Press, 1999.
•Evaluating the impact of securities regulation on venture capital markets [with J. Barth and G. Tassey] U.S. Dept. of Commerce, 1980.
•Shore protection and beach erosion control study: economic effects of induced development. Institute for Water Resources, 1995.

Corum, Jim ('71)

A military historian and Prof. at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas

•Airpower in Small Wars: Fighting Insurgents and Terrorists. Co-author Wray Johnson. Univ. Press of Kansas, 2003.

The Luftwaffe:  Creating the Operational Air War 1918-1940.  Lawerence, Kansas: University Press of Kansas, 1997.

The Luftwaffe's Way of War: German Air Doctrine 1911-1945.   Co-author Dr. Richard Muller. Baltimore: Nautical and Aviation. 1998.

The Roots of Blitzkrieg: Hans von Seeckt and German Military Reform. Lawrence, Kansas:  University Press of Kansas. 1992

Crudo, John ('81)
Editorial Director, Waite Group Press
•Fantasy sports front office. [book & CD-ROM] Lightspeed publishing, 1996.

Daskarolis, George P. ('50)
(d.1999) Instructor, College of Alameda
•San Francisco's Greek colony: the evolution of an ethnic community. Light & Life Pub., 1995.

Devine, George (’59)
Author and realtor; Prof., McLaren School of Business, USF
•American Catholicism. Prentice-Hall, 1975.
•A Case for Roman-Catholicism. Silver-Burdett, 1975.
•Counselling the homeowner. Anthony Schools, 1989.
•For sale by owner. Nolo Press, 1987; 2d ed., 1992.
•How to buy a house in California [co-author with R. Warner et al] Nolo Press, 1990; 3d. ed., 19-
•If I were to preach. 3v. Alba House, 1974-76.
•Liturgical renewal. Alba House, 1973.\
•Managing your employees. Prentice Hall, 1997.
•Our living liturgy. Claretian Press, 1966.
•Responses to 101 questions on business ethics. Paulist, 1996.
Indonesian translation: Jakarta: Roman Catholic Bishops' Conference, 1997.
•Transformation in Christ. Alba House, 1972.
•Why read the Old Testament? Claretian Press, 1966. 
[as editor for the College Theology Society:]
•New dimensions in religious experience. Alba House, 1971.
•That they may live. Alba House, 1972; rp. University Press of America, 1984.
•Theology in revolution. Alba House, 1970.
•To be a man. Prentice-Hall, 1969.
•A World more human, a church more Christian. Alba House, 1973; reprint: University Press of America, 1984.

Dullea, Charles W. (’34)
(b.1916) Jesuit priest; Chancellor Emeritus, University of San Francisco.
•A Catholic looks at Billy Graham. Paulist Press, 1973.
•W.F. “Billy” Graham’s “Decision for Christ”: a study in conversion. Pont. Univ. Gregoriana, 1971.

Egan, Willis J. ('35)
(1918-1981) Jesuit priest.
•The rule of faith in St. Thomas More's controversy with William Tyndale, 1528-1532. Los Angeles, 1960.

Fabing, Robert (’60)
(b.1942) Jesuit priest; liturgical musician.
•Adoremus: liturgical music. North American Liturgy Resources, 1995. [also audio cassette, CD].
•Be like the sun, songs of praise and contemplation [audio cassette] Alba House, 1974.
•Covenant/Everlasting covenant: guitar accompaniment book. North American Liturgy Resources, 1989. [also: audio cassette]
•Episodes from the Bible. 3v. [co-author with P. Milward] Tokyo: Asahi Press, 1989-92.
The Eucharist of Jesus: a spirituality for eucharistic celebration. Epoch Universal Publications, 1986; 
La Eucharistiá de Jesus. Ed. Paulinas, 1989;
Seisan to aisan [in Japanese] Chuuoo Shuppan Sha, 1992; 
[also: videotape, North American Liturgy Resources, c1986].
Experiencing God in daily life. North American Liturgy Resources, 1989, 1991; [audio tape: Epoch Universal Publications, 1989; video tape: Loyola Tapes.]
Chinese translation: Zai ri chang sheng huo zhong ti yen tian zhu. Kuangchi Press, 2000.
•Indwelling: the music of Bob Fabing [phonorecord] Alba House Communications, 1971 [audio cassette, 1976]
•Qing qian lai: zan mei shi ge [music book and CD]. Taipei, 2000.
•Real food: a spirituality of the Eucharist. Paulist Press, 1994; 
Polish translation: Prawdziwy pokarm. Krakow, 1996.
•Song of the Lamb: melody & guitar ed. North American Liturgy Resources, 1977, rev. ed., 1988 [also audio cassette]. 
•Winter risen: song book.North American Liturgy Resources, 1984 [also: audio cassette] 

Fagothey, Austin (’17)
(1901-1975) Jesuit priest; Professor of Ethics, Santa Clara University.
•Anthology of right and reason. Mosby, 1972.
•Right and reason: ethics in theory and practice. 1st ed. Mosby, 1953. [2d ed, 1959; 3d. ed., 1963; 4th ed., 1967; 5th ed., 1972; 6th ed., 1976; 7th-9th eds. published under the title: Fagothey's Right and Reason; 6th-9th eds. ed. M. Gonsalves.]

Fallon, Timothy ('40)
(1922-1994) Jesuit priest; Professor of Philosophy, Santa Clara University.
•Religion and culture; essays in honor of Bernard Lonergan, S.J. [co-editor with P. Riley] State University of New York Press, 1987.
•Religion in context: recent studies in Lonergan. [editor]. University Press of America, 1988.

Feely, Raymond T. (’11)
(1895-1965) Jesuit priest; Dean and professor of Political Science, University of San Francisco.
•The Daily Calvary: a Mass book. Ecclesiastical Supply Assn., 192-.
•The Eighth dolar. Ecclesiastical Supply Assn., 1929.
•Mending the nets. Benziger Brothers, 1926.
•Nazism versus religion. Paulist Press, 1940.
•The Pale Galilean. Ecclesiastical Supply Assn., 1927.
•Thoughts for today. Benziger Brothers, 1925.
[Many pamphlets on fascism and communism, 1935-45]

Foote, Patrick J. (1881)
(1861-1948) Jesuit priest
•Some historical notes of men and events that led up to the return of the Jesuits to California. St. Ignatius College, n.d.

Franxman, Thomas W. ('50)
(b.1933) Jesuit priest; Professor, Ateneo de Manila University
•Genesis and the "Jewish Antiquities" of Flavius Josephus. Biblical Institute Press, 1979.

French, Richard Patrick ('39)
(d.1995) Lt. Col. ,USN.
•Tuttle, 1970.

Getty, Gordon P. ('51)
•My uncle's house and other poems. H. Berliner, 1984.

Gilligan, Stephen G. ('72)
•Brief therapy: myths, methods and metaphors [co-ed. with J. Zeig]. Brunner/Mazel, 1990.
•Courage to love: principles and practices of self-relations psychotherapy. Norton, 1997.
•Therapeutic conversations [co-ed. with R. Price]. Norton, 1993.
•Therapeutic trances: the cooperation principle in Ericksonian hypnotherapy. Brunner/Mazel, 1987.
•Views on Ericksonian brief therapy, process and action [co-ed. with S. Lankton and J. Zeig]. Brunner/Mazel, 1991.

Gloria, Eugene John ('77)
•Drivers at the short-time motel [poems]. Viking, 2000.

Gotera, Vince ('71)
Poet; Prof. of English , University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls For a profile see Genesis III, Summer, 1995.
•Dragonfly [poems]. Pecan Grove Press, 1994.
•The Jazz poetry anthology. [contributor] Indiana University Press, 1991.
•The Open boat, an anthology of Asian American poetry. [contributor] Doubleday Anchor, 1993.
•Radical visions: poetry by Vietnam veterans. University of Georgia Press, 1994.

Graham, Robert A. (’29)
(1912-1997) Jesuit priest; writer and researcher in Church history, Rome.
•Actes et documents du Saint Siege relatifs a la seconde guerre mondiale [co-editor with P. Blet et al] Libreria Editrice Vaticana, 1965-80.
•Nothing sacred: Nazi espionage against the Vatican, 1939-1945. [co-author with D. Alvarez] Cass, 1997.
•Our times: the life of the church in the postconciliar decade: letters from Rome to "Columbia", 1966-1978. Rome, 1979.
•Pius XII’s defense of the Jews and others, 1944-45. Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, 1982.
•The Pope and Poland in World War Two. Veritas, 1968.
•The rise of the double diplomatic corps in Rome. Nijhoff, 1951, 1952.
•The Vatican and communism during World War II. Ignatius Press, 1996.
Vatican diplomacy. Princeton University Press,1959. 
Italian translation: Diplomazia pontificia. Edizone Paoline, 1960; Cinque Lune, 1975.
•Il Vaticano e il Nazismo.

Gray, William G. ('65)
Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Notre Dame Univrsity.
•Finite element simulation in surface and subsurface hydrology [co-author wih G. Pinder]. Academic Press, 1977.
•Finite elements in water resources [co-editor with G. Pinder and C. Brebbia]. Pentech Press, 1977.
•Groundwater contamination from hazardous wastes [co-editor with E. Wood et al]. Prentice-Hall, 1984. 
•Mathematical tools for changing spatial scales in the analysis of physical systems. CRC Press, 1993.
•Numerical methods for differential equations [co-author with M. Celia]. Prentice-Hall, 1992.
•Physics-based modeling of lakes, reservoirs and impoundments.Amer. Society of Civil Engineers, 1986.
•Surface flow. CML Publications, 1984. 

Hanley, Paul J. ('63)
(b.1946) Teacher of Religious Studies, St. Ignatius.
•Wise fool, a story of San Francisco, 1967-1968. San Francisco, 1981.

Harper, Harold A. ('29)
(1911-19--) Dean Emeritus, Prof. Emeritus, Univ. California-San Francisco.
•Harper's review of biochemistry. 18th ed. [by D. Martin, et al] Lange Medical Publications, 1981. First published 1939; Harper edited editions published 1951-1979. Formerly published under the title: Review of physiological chemistry.

Hayburn, Robert F. (’35)
(d.1991) Priest of the Archdiocese of San Francisco; Pastor Emeritus, St. Brigid’s Church.
•Church music regulations for the Archdiocese of San Francisco. Archdiocesan Dept. of Education, 1949, 1958.
•Digest of regulations and rubrics of Catholic Church music. 4th rev. ed. McLaughlin & Reilly, 1961.
•Gregorian chant: its origin, decline, restoration & interpretation. Church Music Foundation, 1952.
•Papal legislation on sacred music, 95 A.D. to 1977 A.D. Liturgical Press, 1979.

Henning, Robert J. ('59)
Professor of Medicine & Head of Clinical Cardiology, Univ. of South Florida College of Medicine.
•Critical care cardiology [co-editor with A. Grenvik]. Churchill Livingstone, 1989.
•Handbook of acute critical care neurology [co-editor with D. Jackson] Greenwood, 1985. 

Herlihy, David (’48)
(1930-1991) Professor of History at Harvard and Brown Universities. For a profile, see Genesis III, Spring 1991 issue.
•The Black death and the transformation of the West. Harvard University Press, 1997.
•Cities and societies in medieval Italy. Variorum Reprints, 1980.
•Economy, society and government in medieval Italy. [ed.] Kent State University Press, 1969.
•The History of feudalism. Harper & Row, 1970; Macmillan; Walker, 1971; Humanities Press, 1979.
•Medieval and Renaissance Pistoia: a social history of an Italian town. Yale, 1967.
•Medieval and Renaissance studies, n.6. [contributor] Duke University Press, 1976.
•The Medieval city [co-editor]. Yale University Press, 1977.
•Medieval culture and society. Harper Torchbooks, 1968; Waveland Press, 1993.
Medieval households. Harvard University Press, 1985.
•One thousand years: Western Europe in the Middle Ages. [contributor] Houghton Mifflin, 1974.
•Opera muliebria: women and work in medieval Europe. Temple U.P.,1990; McGraw-Hill, 1990.
•Pisa in the early Renaissance. Yale University Press, 1958; reprint: Kennikat Press, 1973.
•Pisa nel duecento. Nistri-Lischi, 1973.
•Pistoia nel medidevo e nel rinascimento. Olschki, 1972.
•The Social history of Italy and Western Europe. Variorum Reprints, 1978.
•Les Toscans et leurs familles. [co-author with C. Klapisch-Zuber] Paris: Presses de la Foundation Nationale des Sciences Politiques, 1978. 
English translation: The Tuscans and their families. Yale, 1985.
•The Western experience, 4th ed. (2v.) [co-author with M. Chambers et al] McGraw-Hill, 1987; 6th ed., 1995.
•Women, family and society in medieval Europe; historical essays, 1978-1991. Berghahn Books, 1995.
•Women in medieval society. University of St. Thomas, 1971.
•Portraits of medieval and renaissance living: essays in memory of David Herlihy. University of Michigan Press, 1996.

Hogan, William (’55)
•The quartzsite trip. Atheneum, 1980; Avon Books, 1981.
The year of the mongoose. Atheneum, 1981.

Hubbard, Bernard R. ('06)
(1888-1962) Jesuit priest; Professor of geosciences, Santa Clara University.
•Cradle of the storms. Dodd, Mead, 1935.
•Mush, you malemutes! America Press, 1932, 1943.

Humphreys, Alexander J. (’31)
(1913-1991) Jesuit priest; Professor of Sociology, Loyola Marymount University.
•New Dubliners: urbanization and the Irish family. Fordham University Press, 1966; Routledge & K. Paul, 1966.

Jacopetti, Roland (Benjamin) ('53)
•Rescued buildings.
 Capra Press, 1977.

Jones, Donlan F. ('48)
•Business data processing, an introduction [co-author with G. Wheeler]. Addison-Wesley, 1966.

Kathrein, Jonathan ('00)
Don't Fear the Shark . Book Surge, 2006.

Kavanagh, Denis John (1892)
(1877-1939) Jesuit priest
•Golgotha, a study of the sweet, sad story of the cross. J.H. Barry, 1915.
•The Holy Family Sisters of San Francisco, a sketch of their first 50 years, 1872-1922. Gilmartin, 1922.
•The Just man: a little study of the great virtues of St. Joseph. 4th ed. Barry, 1921.
•La Storta: the sanctuary of St. Ignatius' vision [by L. Fonck, transl. by D.J.K.] Pontificio Istituto Biblico, 1924.
•The pagoda. J.H. Barry, 1915.
•The question of questions: where is man's permanent home? J.H. Barry, 1922.
•The Zi-kas-wei orphanage. Barry, 1915.
[many pamphlets on spiritual subjects]

Keating, John P. (’55)
(b.1937) University Administrator
•Faith in the face of doubt. [ed.] Paulist Press, 1968.

Kleinen, Patrick S. ('83)
President, PeaK Productions
•Dear Santa. Discovery Toys, 1993.
•If I were a moose. Discovery Toys, 1995.

Larsgaard, Chris ('85)
•The heir hunter, a novel of suspense.
 Delacorte, 2000.

Latham, James E. ('47)
(b.1929), Jesuit priest; Professor, American University of Paris.
•The religious symbolism of salt. Beauschesne, 1982.

Lonergan, William I. (190-)
(1884-1936) Jesuit priest; associate editor, America.
•Campaigning with Christ's church: sermons. Wagner, 1928.
•Laymen's retreats explained. America Press, 1930.

MacDonald, H. Malcolm ('31)
(1914-1998) Professor, Dept. of Government, University of Texas, Austin
•The intellectual in politics. University of Texas Press, 1966.
•Outside readings in American government. Crowell, 1949, 1952, 1957.
•Readings in American government. Crowell, 1963, 1964, 1968.
•The rule of law. Southern Methodist University Press, 1961.

Maginnis, Andrew (’39)
(b.1923) Jesuit priest; Director, Jesuit Seminary Association; Vicar for Religious, Archdiocese of San Francisco.
•A priest to a nun. [correspondence] Sheed & Ward, 1972.

Maher, Zacheus, J. (1896)
(1882-1963) Jesuit Priest; President, Santa Clara, 192x-19xx; Provincial, California Province, 1932-1938.
•Under the seal of the fisherman. El Retiro San Inigo, 1948.

Martinez, Ernest R. (’49)
(b.1931) Jesuit priest; Professor of New Testament Spirituality at the Gregorian University, Rome.
•The Gospel accounts of the death of Jesus. Pont. Univ. Gregoriana, 1970.
•Hebrew-Ugaritic index to the writings of Mitchell J. Dahood. 2 v. Pontificio Istituto Biblico, 1967-81.
•Luca-Atti: un viaggio spirituale. Pontificia Universita Gregoriana, 1996.
•La Sequela di Gesu Cristo nel Vangelo secondo Marco. Pont. Universita Gregoriana, 1997.
•La Vita cristiana e la spiritualita secondo San Paolo. Pont. Universita Gregoriana, 1992.

Martini, John A. ('69)
U.S. Park ranger, Golden Gate National Recreation Area.
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