Overdrive App

If you don't have the Overdrive app already, you can click here to download it. Follow these directions to check out materials through the Overdrive app:

To find and checkout ebooks:

The Basics

1. The first time you use Overdrive, when you open your app, choose Continue at the opening screen. Click the box with the plus sign that says "Add a library."

2. Enter "St. Ignatius" in the search box. Make sure to spell it correctly! Select the first result for St. Ignatius, then click on the BAISL Shared Digital Collection that appears under the school name.

3. Choose St. Ignatius College Prep again from the drop down menu. Enter your SI login and password  (no @siprep.org necessary) and click Sign In. If given the option, choose "Remember my login."

4. Search around and find something you want. Don't be annoyed by all the titles for younger kids. We share this collection with elementary schools, but we also share it with other high schools, so there are lots of high school oriented titles. Once you borrow a book, click "Add to app."

5. After you borrow a book, you can find it by clicking on the Account Icon (it looks like a little person) and you will find the book on your bookshelf. Or, you can click on the bars on the top left for a drop down menu. Choose Bookshelf and you'll find your books! 

The Nitty Gritty

You can search by Collections, Subjects, or Levels. To do that, click on any of those headers and choose what appeals to you from the options. For example, if you're looking for books appropriate for high school readers, you can choose "Levels," then "Interest Level," then "Upper Grades (9-12)." Or, if you're interested in Audiobooks, choose "Collections," "All Audiobooks," then add any filters that help you narrow your search.

Now, follow this link to complete the training. You must complete the training before leaving today.