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Media Production



Recording Studio

The Library is home to SI's new recording studio. The studio is available by reservation and drop-in use.  Check out the Studio's dedicated page to make a reservation and find answers to FAQs. 

The Studio has:

⦿ MXL BCD-1`Broadcast Dynamic Microphones 

⦿ Sennheiser Closed Back Studio Monitors Headphones (HD280PRO)

⦿ Yamaha HS7 7in Powered Studio Monitors

⦿ Arrakis Arc-8 Bluetooth 8-Channel Broadcast Console Mixer w/ Bluetooth & USB connections

⦿ Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 USB Audio Interface

⦿ A green screen

⦿ Sound dampening acoustic panels 

mics, etc. to checkout  

⦿ IOS microphones that attach to your iPhone and record high quality audio on the go.

⦿ USB Yeti Microphones

⦿ Tascam handheld recorder


Quick guide to using the IOS Microphone

Quick guide to using the Yeti Microphone

Resources, apps, tools


Podcast & Documentary Content Resources This page is a one stop shop for all of the tips & tools you will need to create a podcast or documentary that will make people think, feel, wonder, and act.

Recording/editing Apps

Descript Free audio editing software that can be downloaded to a desktop or laptop (not available for IOS or Google Apps).  Descript transcribes audio files and allows the user to edit audio & video like one would a Google doc.  AMAZING!

Soundtrap Demo A turnkey web-based podcast production application.GarageBand Tutorial Recording and editing software available on Macs and IOS devices.

Audacity Tutorial Free recording software that works on Macs or PCs.

Google Voice* You will need to download Google Voice to your iPad or iPhone and follow the steps in the link to enable call recording.

*The Library highly recommends Google Voice for recording phone interviews.