St. Ignatius

Library Advisory Board

Who (should apply)?: ​Students with a range of interest in
libraries, from the curious to the totally committed. If you fall
somewhere on that scale and want to make a difference in your
school community, consider joining the SI Library Advisory Board.

What (will we do)?: ​Student advisors will meet monthly to discuss
how to make the library the best it can be, and ways to bring in
students who may not regularly use the library. They will
brainstorm ideas for programs, services, and campaigns, and then
develop plans to execute those ideas.

When (will we meet)?:​ The first Wednesday of each month, 2 PM - 3 PM.

Where (will we meet)?: ​In Room 114

Why (should I apply)?: ​To help improve library services and make
it the most welcoming, ​student-centered space it can be. You will
get the opportunity to:

● Make your voice heard.
● Develop leadership skills.
● Support your library.
● Flex your creativity.
● Meet new people.
● Build experience for college.

How (do I apply)?:

Click here to apply online

A few more details in the form of Q & A’s.
1. What are Library expectations of the Student Advisors?

  • Attend monthly meetings regularly.
  • Bring your creativity, collaboration skills and commitment to each meeting.
  • Actively participate in helping the Library meet its goals and objectives for LAB.

2. What is the Library’s overarching goal for LAB?

Student Advisors will:

  • Propose ways to make the Library the best it can be.
  • Bring in students who may not regularly use the Library.
  • Develop and execute plans to realize their ideas.

3. What are LAB’s specific objectives for the year?

  • Develop new programs and services.
  • Promote reading culture at SI.
  • Promote underused library resources.
  • Bring new users into the Library.

4. What are LAB’s objectives for each meeting?

Student Advisors will:

● Enjoy themselves.
● Brainstorm ideas for programs, services, and
● Develop plans to execute those ideas.