Internet Resources

Internet Courses

AP/SAT/ACT Practice Exams: Links and information about Advance Placement, SAT and ACT practice exam resouces.

Coursera: Courses from Princeton University, Stanford University, University of California, Berkeley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and University of Pennsylvania.

edX: edX is a not-for-profit enterprise of its founding partners Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  Courses are offered from Harvard, MIT and UC Berkeley.

Khan Academy: Thousands of videos of math, science and humanities.

webcast.Berkeley: UC Berkeley's central service for online video & audio for students and learners around the globe.

MIT OpenCourseware (Massachusetts Institute of Technology): Free lecture notes, exams and videos from Massachusetts Institute of Technology


How Stuff Works: Explains how thousands of items, objects, concepts, etc. work.  Includes videos and illustrations.

Internet Archive: A non-profit digital library offering free universal access to books, movies & music, as well as 150 billion archived web pages.

Digital Public Library: Online archive of more than 2m books, documents, photographs and artworks.

World Digital Library: A database of more than 7,000 primary-source documents and images from around the world, sponsored by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization, searchable by date, era, country, continent, topic, and type of research.


Hirshorn Museum of Art: This is a great website to search for sculpture

Guggenheim Museum: Biographies and Artwork

Modern Art Museum: Examples of artwork and specific information about the artwork. Try an advanced search for your artists for press releases on their specific shows at this museum.

Metropolitan Museum of Art: Look for the search box on the upper right side of the page. Biographical information included on most of the pictures exhibited. Click in this link to access to access 372 art history books hosted by the Metropolitan Museum. All of the books can be read online or downloaded as PDFs (warning, some of them are massive files).

National Gallery of Art: Type in your artist's last name and receive a list of artworks.  Click on any of the artwork and information about the artwork will usually accompany it. Click on NGA Images for more than 32,000 open access digital images up to 3000 pixels that each are available free of charge for download and use.

Norton Simon Museum: The search box is on upper right hand corner. This museum offers exceptional information on artwork and artists' intent.

Musee d ‘ Orsay: This site is a great resource for information about Impressionist artists.

Art Project powered by Google: Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels.


Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: This site includes videos of performances.

San Francisco Ballet: This site includes videos on dancers and performances.


Bloomberg Business Graphics: Bloomberg Business web page with statistics and graphics.

Correlates of War: Website on the systematic accumulation of scientific knowledge about war. Datasets that are generated and held by the Federal Government. provides descriptions of the Federal datasets (metadata), information about how to access the datasets, and tools that leverage government datasets.  Federal, Executive Branch data are included in the first version of

FedStats: Statistics from over 100 government agencies.

FiveThirtyEight: All kinds of data and information.

Gapminder: Statistical information brought to fantastic life.

International Monetary Fund: Offers recent economic news and data about countries and other territirial entities around the world.  

Markets and Data – The Economist

McKinsey Quarterly: Periodic report about economic and sociological developments in countries around the world.

Measure of America: Provides easy-to-use tools for understanding the distribution of well-being and opportunity in America about health, education, and living standards.

Museum of American FInance: The Museum of American Finance is the nation’s only independent museum dedicated to preserving, exhibiting and teaching about American finance and financial history. Includes archives of Financial History magazine, videos and original finane documents.

National Geographic Data Points: Exploring the world of data visualization, information graphics, and cartography

Statistical Abstract/Census Bureau

World Bank: A United Nations international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs. Site includes access to data about development in countries around the globe.


The African-American Migration Experience -  explains the extraordinary diversity of African Americans living in the United States today

FamilySearch - Global genealogy information including birth, death, probate and others

Genealogy Learning Center – Ellis Island website with links to helpful genealogy websites

National Archives - access to archival databases including genealogy and personal history databases

USGenWebProject - access to all state and county genealogy websites


David Rumsey Map Collection - The David Rumsey Map Collection contains more than 150,000 maps. The collection focuses on rare 18th and 19th century maps of North and South America, although it also has maps of the World, Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. The collection includes atlases, wall maps, globes, school geographies, pocket maps, books of exploration, maritime charts, and a variety of cartographic materials including pocket, wall, children's, and manuscript maps. Items range in date from about 1700 to 1950s.

Worldmapper  - Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest.

Government & Politics

The American Presidency Project - UCSB archives of over  100,000 documents related to the study of the Presidency.

C-SPAN - (Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network) is a private, non-profit company, created in 1979 by the cable television industry as a public service.   A wealth of information about the political process.

Thomas – legislative information from the Library of Congress

California State and Local Government   - a directory of official state, county, and city government websites

Official California Legislative Information – includes new website for accessing California legislative information. - Home page of the U.S. Government's Official Web Portal for all government transactions, services, and information.



  •"a nonpartisan, nonprofit 'consumer advocate' for voters that aims to reduce the level of deception and confusion in U.S. politics."
  •"a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others who speak up in American politics."
  •"a nonprofit nonpartisan public charity that provides well-sourced pro, con, and related research on more than 50 controversial issues."
  •"exposes bias and provides multiple angles on the same story so you can quickly get the full picture, not just one slant."


National Institutes of Health – government agency with wide range of health information

World Health Organization - reports on health conditions and matters in all of its member countries

PubMed – millions of citations for biomedical literature that include links to full-text context

History/Social Studies

American Antiquarian Society -The American Antiquarian Society (AAS) is an independent research library founded in 1812 in Worcester, Massachusetts. The library's collections document the life of America's people from the colonial era through the Civil War and Reconstruction. 

The American Presidency Project - UCSB archives of over  100,000 documents related to the study of the Presidency.

eHistory - eHistory projects involve “citizen historians” in the amassing and analyzing of historical data. 

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History - AP US History study guides, essays, videos, 60,000 primary sources

Historic American Newspapers - digital copies of America's historic newspapers from 1836-1922 sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities ad the Library of Congress.

In Motion: The African-American Migration Experience - website with images, maps and texts on thirteen migrations that formed and trnsformed African America.

Library of Congress Home - Collection highlights including historic newspapers, maps and manuscripts

National Archives Presidential Libraries - National Archives website with links to presidential libraries from Herbert Hoover to George W. Bush administrations.

TeachingHistory - Primary sources collections from government and educational sites. 

World Memory Project – Holocaust database 

Images & Sounds

Note to users:  items from these sites may have various copyright limitations so please check before you use an item

Creative Commons - hundreds of millions of works — from songs and videos to scientific and academic material — available to the public for free and legal use under the terms of various copyright licenses.

FIndSounds - sounds and sound effects in several languages

Free Digital Photos - Download free and premium stock photos and illustrations

Getty Images - a leading provider of digital media worldwide, creating and distributing a range of assets – from royalty-free stock photography and editorial images to videomusic and multimedia – that help communicators around the globe tell their stories.

LIFE photo archive - Search millions of photographs from the LIFE photo archive, stretching from the 1750s to today.

New York Public Library Digital Gallery - NYPL Digital Gallery provides free and open access to over 800,000 images digitized from the The New York Public Library's vast collections

Photopin - is a free tool that helps bloggers and designers find photos for blogs and websites using Creative Commons licensing.

Wikimedia Commons - a collection of millions of pictures which are uploaded by web designers all around the globe to provide an aid for the bloggers and other web designers. 

FInding free image resources without violating copyright - This page has several links that are free that host images.  if you follow their easy to read rules on giving them proper attribution, you don’t have to worry about violating copyright laws or trying to directly contact the copyright holder.


Real Academia Espanol

Chinese language resources from YellowBridge

Foreign Language Resource Centers – funded by the Department of Education, this site is a national network of higher education resources for the teaching and learning of foreign languages, including European, African, Middle Eastern and Asian.

Glossa - Latin dictionary

Spanish language exercises hosted by Ursinis College


British Museum Turning the Pages - online gallery of great books from the British Museum.  Includes works by Jane Austin, Mozart and the first atlas of Europe.

Encyclopedia Mythica - internet encyclopedia of mythology, folklore, and religion

The Internet Classics Archive - site includes works of classical literature and web resources


LearnZillion – video lessons and practice for math skills through grade 9

Wolfram Math World – extensive mathematics resource

Wolframalpha – computational knowledge engine


KQED/Spark  Dance, Music, Visual and Theater Vocabulary Terms - click Education in menu bar and look for vocabulary lists in RH column.

Association for Cultural Equity/Lomax Digital Archive - The Association for Cultural Equity (ACE), housed at the Fine Arts Campus of New York City's Hunter College, is custodian of the Alan Lomax Archive, a priceless collection of recorded music, dance, and the spoken word.

Religious Studies


American Museum of Natural History - digitized and searchable notes and manuscripts of Charles Darwin.  The collection of documents is organized according to periods of Darwin's work.

Darwin: a naturalist's voyage around the world - an outstanding virtual tour of Charles Darwin's nearly five year journey on the Beagle.

Einstein Archives Online - The Einstein Archives Online Website provides the first online access to Albert Einstein’s scientific and non-scientific manuscripts held by the Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory – where REAL rocket scientists work

Mednar:Deep Web Medical Search - federated searching that includes government sites, medical societies and some commercial databases.

MIT OpenCourseware (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) – site with free publication of virtually all MIT course content

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

National Institutes of Health – government agency with wide range of health information

Plants Database - Easy to navigate website and has local information

PubMed – millions of citations for biomedical literature that include links to full-text conte - gateway to government science information provided by U.S. Government science agencies, including research and development results

Top Search Engines for Scientific and Academic Research - These search engines offer information on possibly all the major areas of science including computer and technology, biology, environmental science and social sciences, and other areas of academic research. - A search which uses multilateral partnerships to search national and international databases.


Code Academy – learn to computer code

News & Information Sources

Aljazeera Middle East news site

Bloomberg Business - global business, financial and news.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

Catholic News Service - news site from the US Conference of Catholic Bishops.

CIA - The World FactBook - provides information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, communications, transportation, military, and transnational issues for 267 world entities.

International Reporting Project – provides opportunities for U. S. journalists to go overseas to report on critical issues

Latin American Network Information Center (LANIC) - LANIC's mission is to facilitate access to Internet-based information to, from, or on Latin America.

NPR (National Public Radio)

Pew Research Center – nonpartisan “fact tank”

Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting – journalism site dedicated to independent international journalism

University of Pennsylvania Historical U.S. Newspapers Online - These newspapers are organized by state and other search parameters.

Vatican News (Official) - news site from the Vatican.