St. Ignatius

World Religious Traditions


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The World’s Great Religions   R 291 WOR

The Illustrated World’s Religions   R 291 SMI

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion   R 203 Enc

Encyclopedia of Religion   R 200 Enc 

Circulating Books 

How the Great Religions Began   290 GAE

God and World Religions: basic beliefs and themes    291 JOH


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Research Databases

Student Resource In Context A great place to start- filled with articles, biographies, and more that cover all subject areas

Great Lives from History worldwide coverage of important people, a great source for biographies on religious founders

Britannica On-line general encyclopedia, websites, magazines, primary sources, video clips

Modern World History articles, bios, and visuals 

History in Context:  U.S. and World Reference, articles from scholarly publications, and primary source

Religion & Philosophy Collection  articles on different types of religions, historic and current


Getty Images great visuals 

CIA World FactBook great statistics and data

Citing Sources

Wilsey Library citing sources website