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Modern World History: World Leader Term Paper

Research Resources 


Paper Requirements

  • evaluate the leadership and collaboration skills of a 20th or 21st century world leader.
  • conduct research using library materials, online databases, and quality primary sources.
  • analyze and reflect on Tenet VI of The Grad at Grad Profile 2020*.
  • develop the necessary skills to write a college-level social science analysis.
  • present factual information.
  • use MLA citations to cite the information in your paper.

The links and information below will help you accomplish each of those bullets.

*See your teacher's rubric for specific Grad at Grad requirements.


Research Databases

Working from home? Click for Database Passwords.


Biography in Context:  History database covering biographies across time periods.


World History in Context:  Database with a focus on world history. 


Britannica Biographies:   Simple biographies on a wide variety of people.


Issues & Controversies in History Looks at history through multiple lenses.


JSTOR Very deep, very academic database. Click here for the passwords.


Research hint:

1. Develop a list of search terms

2. Use the Advanced Search feature in databases to search for your person by subject combined with one of your search terms.


How to . . .

Create parenthetical citations.

Use Padlet to organize your information.

Create a Works Cited page in Google Docs on an iPad.



Our library's book catalog.

San Francisco Public Library's catalog.

Research hint:

1. You can use books that are not specifically about your leader such as books that cover subjects related to your leader.

2. Look in the index or table of contents to find information about your subject that may relate to your topic.

3. When searching an index, bibliography, or works cited,  search by Last Name, First Name.


Internet Sources

Library of Congress

Historic Figures from the BBC Everyone has free access from school to Use your SFPL account to access it from home.


Citing Sources

Citation Builder's free, easy-to-use citation machine.