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World History: Revolution Book

One of the most significant actions citizens can take is partaking in a revolution to force government change. Thus far, we have studied the French Revolution, Haitian Revolution and revolutions throughout Latin America. You and a partner are going to create a book that analyzes two revolutions in world history. You may choose two of the revolutions listed below to compare and contrast. Your job is to tell a story that encompasses two revolutions of your choice using Book Creator. You have the creative freedom to tell the story in any way you wish, as long as you include the criteria listed below.

List of Revolutions: Choose two from the same time period.

Each country links to an article about the particular revolution. It isn't enough information for you to complete your project, but it is a starting point. You will need database passwords to access most of these articles while you're working from home. Database passwords are available here, on a page protected by your own SI password.

1750-1800 1800-1850 1850-1900 1900-1950 1950-2000 2000-present
France Belgium Cuba Brazil Algeria Belarus

Central & South American Independence

Philippines China Argentina Egypt
  Greece   Germany Bangladesh Georgia
      India Cambodia Hong Kong
      Indonesia Cuba Islamic State and Iraq and Syria
      Ireland Egypt Libya
      Mexico Eritrea Serbia (former Yugoslavia)
      Panama Ethiopia Syria
      Russia Fall of Berlin Wall and Eastern Europe Tunisia
      Spain Iran Ukraine
      Turkey Iraq Yemen
      Vietnam Mozambique  
        South Africa  


Content Criteria:

  • A page explaining human rights and common reasons people revolt.
  • Causes of both revolutions.
  • Similarities between the revolutions.
  • Differences between the revolutions.
  • The impact of each revolution.
  • A correct Works Cited page.


Helpful Resources for this Project:

Databases Use our school databases to help your research. We particularly recommend Gale, Explora by EBSCO, and Issues & Controversies in History. Remember, databases have Works Cited generator buttons that automatically create your Works Cited entry for you to copy and paste into your project.

Reusable Content for your Projects This page links to sources of reusable sounds, videos, and images that you may want to use in your project. Pay attention to licensing notes about how the material can be used.

Books We have many books available to help you in your research on revolutions. If you find the catalog overwhelming, let us know, and we can help you via email or LiveChat.


Citing Sources:

Remember, our databases have built-in citation generators that create the Works Cited entries for you. Don't forget to use them!

If you use a source that isn't from our databases, will help you create a Works Cited entry.

Finally, here is a brief video explaining how to create a Works Cited page in Google Docs. Feel free to create the Works Cited page in Google Docs and copy and paste it as the last page of your revolution book. You may need to take a screenshot of it to maintain formatting.


Book Creator:

Here is a screencast demonstrating how to use Book Creator to create your revolution book