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UN Research Project

Research Databases

Research hint: develop a list of search terms and synonyms from your assignment (i.e., UN Millennium Development Goals, poverty, child mortality, etc.,) and and use the Advanced Search feature in these databases to search for your topic by subject combined with one of your search terms.  Check your search results for Subject Headings that are relevant and use those to narrow your search.  Searches can also be limited by dates.

EBSCOhost - Academic Journals, periodicals and newspapers

World History in Context - History database covering all time periods

Social Issues Resource Series (SIRS) - Newspapers, magazines, maps, and reference sources.  Click on "More issues" on the RH side of the web page and start your search on the Issues page.

Internet Sources

United Nations Millenium Project - outline of project and with links to relevant information

United Nations Millennium Development Goals - includes reports, statistics and statements

World Bank - The World Bank is a United Nations international financial institution that provides loans to developing countries for capital programs.  The Data information may contain information/statistics useful for the project and is searchable by topic and region.  

National Public Radio (NPR) -  source for indepth news and analysis of variety of topics.

Times Topics - newspaper articles from the New York Times on a variety of topics.

Citing Sources

Databases will provide you with the proper citations.

Citing Sources St. Ignatius Citation Resource Page

Purdue Owl - Purdue University Citation Resource