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Use the Destiny Catalog to find books for individuals or topics for your assignment.

  • Try these search terms: your region/major country and "history" (for example: West Africa and history)

Reference Books

Milestone Documents in World History  R909 MIL

Daily Life through World History in Primary Documents  R909 DAI

E-books (Digitized books that many people can search at the same time) - - search using these terms:  culture or industrial revolution

Encyclopedia of European Social History

Europe: 1450 to 1789

Encylopedia of Latin America History and Culture



Salem History (Great Lives from History) Worldwide coverage of important people & events

World History in Context  Reference, articles from scholarly publications, and primary source material.

Britannica Online  General encyclopedia, websites, magazines, primary sources, video clips



Citing Sources

Wilsey Library citing sources website