St. Ignatius

Social Justice

For this project, you'll be researching and teaching a class on a contemporary social justice issue. While different teachers of this class may assign different topics, here is a list of topics that will definitely appear in some classes:

  • Gentrification and Affordable Housing in San Francisco 
  • Microaggressions and the LGBTQ Community 
  • Islamophobia in the United States 
  • Gender Wage Gap in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Racial Discrimination in the US Justice System
  • Microaggressions and the Asian American Community
  • Domestic Violence in San Francisco Bay Area
  • Sweatshops
  • Capital punisment
  • Euthanasia
  • Gender equity
  • Immigration
  • Human Trafficking
  • Homelessness

If you have found yourself with a topic that seems too large, follow these steps to help you narrow your topic to something more reasonable.




Research Databases: Databases are helpful because they are clearinghouses of credible sources and already include correct citation (just click the citation tools link!). Here's a collection of databases that should be particularly effective for this research project.

EXPLORA by EBSCOhost Deep collections of academic journals, news sources, and other credible materials

Social Issues Resources (SIRS) Newspapers, magazines, maps, and reference sources

Opposing Viewpoints Today's social issues, featuring viewpoint articles, topic overviews

Student Resources in Context This database has a variety of content types (including reference articles) on a huge range of issues. 

Effective Websites: Websites often need careful review to make sure they're credible. However, here are a few websites that focus on providing carefully vetted material. These will likely be helpful in your research. "Exposes bias and provides multiple angles on the same story so you can quickly get the full picture, not just one slant." "A nonprofit nonpartisan public charity that provides well-sourced pro, con, and related research on more than 50 controversial issues."

The New York Times: This newspaper is fully accessible while on campus, and it will likely have quite current articles relating to many of the project's topics.

US Conference of Catholic Bishops, Human Life and Dignity: This site examines ethical issues through a Catholic lens.

Education for Justice, Social Justice Topics: This site links up to resources about social justice issues, again through a Catholic lens.



Here are some guidelines that will help you use your resources more effectively:

How to set up a correctly MLA formatted paper while working on your iPad or a laptop.

How to create parenthetical citations (first form of in-sentence citation)

How to create PATt sentences (second form of in-sentence citation)

How to decide when to quote and when to paraphrase

How to incorporate excerpts (quoted material) into your writing

How to create a Works Cited

If none of the above give you enough information to format your paper and cite sources correctly, you can look up specific details on the Purdue OWL Formatting and Style Guide.