St. Ignatius

Sculpture A

Salem History (Great Lives from History)

Use this database to find in-depth biographies of your artist.

Hirshorn Museum of Art

This is a great website to search for sculpture.

Guggenheim Museum – biographies  and artwork

Before typing in your artists name in the search box, be sure to click on “Full Search” below the box.  You will get pictures and a biography of the artists work

Modern Art Museum - artwork

Examples of artwork and specific information about the artwork .  Try an advance search for your artist and you can also get press releases on their specific shows at this museum.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Look for the search box on the upper left side of the page. Biographical information included on most of the pictures exhibited.

National Gallery of Art

Type in your artists last name and receive a list of artworks.  Click on any of the artwork and information about the artwork will usually accompany it.

Norton Simon Museum

Search box on upper right hand corner. Exceptional information on artwork and artists intent.

Musee d ‘ Orsay – Great for Impressionists

Mostly Impressionist work and a few other artists. Artwork and biographical information .


Biographies and artwork.  An extensive list of artists but not every artist is in this index..

Picturalissime –artwork, biographies, art movements

Notice that the names that you see on the first page is limited only to certain artists only. Click on an artist on the page and you will see artwork.  Look on the left and click on biography or art movement and get more information.

Artcyclopedia- artists  art  work
Type your artists’ name in the search box on top.  Your list will be of Museums that have your artists’ work in it.

Art Project powered by Google

Explore museums from around the world, discover and view hundreds of artworks at incredible zoom levels,

and even create and share your own collection of masterpieces.