Other Gov Research Projects

This page lists resources that will be helpful for the senior government classes. It will be continually updated as we come across useful sources. 

Helpful database for all: EBSCO

Constitutional Law:

Constitution page from the founding documents at the National Archives 

Library of Congress’s U.S. Constitutional Law resource page 

Congress.gov provides updates on Congressional action

Congressional Digest is available on EBSCO.

Criminal Justice:

National Criminal Justice Reference Service

American Bar Association Criminal Justice Resources

Social Movements:

National Archives Civil Rights page

Library of Congress Civil Rights Resource Guide

Congress.gov provides updates on Congressional action, some related to civil rights

American Bar Association Civil Rights and Social Justice Resources

San Francisco Politics

The Usual Suspects: a clearinghouse of information about SF politics that strives towards impartiality

SF Gate's Local News

SF Chronicle's page dedicated to Politics and Policy

We have lots of books in our catalog devoted to San Francisco politics, neighborhoods, and history.