St. Ignatius

Life Issues Projects

First Things First

Brainstorm about your topic(s) and write down any words that come to mind to start developing a list of search tearms. These are you Key Words. You will use them to search in books, databases, and the internet.



Use the Library Destiny Catalog to find books for idividuals or topics for your assignment.

Use search terms such as: abortion, capital punishment, etc.

Try combined terms such as: war AND religion, just war doctrine, war-moral AND ethical aspects.

Click on any title and look under subject for additional search terms such as war-moral AND ethical aspects. Add these subject words to your list of search terms.

Morality of Capital Punishment    364.66 END

Does Capital Punishment Deter Crime    364.66 ESP

War, Conscience, and Dissent    261.873 ZAH


Research Databases

If you're off campus, click here for passwords.

Tip: When searching for a specific periodical, make sure to use the Advanced Search option. This way you'll be able to refine your search and and fine what you need with ease!

EBSCO general database that many of the major universities use. 

Religion & Philosophy Collection (Ebsco) World religions, major denominations, biblical studies, and philosophy 

  • Use the AND, OR, or NOT features to expand or limit your searches as needed. 

Social Issues Resources Series (SIRS) newspapers, magazines, maps, and reference sources (use Advanced Search, type in your search terms and search by Title or Subject, e.g. "just war")

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center  click on Issues in the menu bar and locate your issue with accompanying information.

  • Use the AND, OR, and NOT search limiters

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops 


Web Searching Tips


If using Google, click on advanced search, and look for these features:

  • Type your search term (s) in the search box, and then type in the "search within a site of domain, .gov, or .mil either together or separately. You will retrieve only websites within those domains.
  • To exclude a word from your search, place a minus (-) sign i front of the word. Use a plus (+) or double quotes (") to retreieve that precise word. Instructions are located in the Advanced Search tips. 


Citing Sources

Click here to see Wilsey Library's page on citing.