St. Ignatius




The World’s Great Religions R 291 WOR

The Illustrated World’s Religions  R 291 SMI

Encyclopedic Dictionary of Religion R 203 Enc   (3 volumes) in alphabetical order

Encyclopedia of Philosophy  R 103 Enc (9 vols.) in alphabetical order

Encyclopedia of Religion  R 200 Enc (15 vols) in alphabetical order

Nelson’s Complete Concordance of the New American Bible  R 220.2 Nel  - used to look up topics in the Bible.


Research Databases


Opposing Viewpoints collection of new worthy topics that compare and contrast the different sides of the story

Britannica On-line general encyclopedia, websites, magazines, primary sources, video clips

Religion and Philosophy Collection use this source to find articles on your topic and relating to religion

The Catholic Encyclopedia use this to discover the catholic opinion on many of the topics that you have been assigned.