St. Ignatius

Economics Research Project

We have created this page to help you put together your research paper for Econ. Much of the information you need, including models of paragraphs and paper parts, is in the assignment packet your teacher has provided. This page serves as a link to resources.

Prewriting and drafting: This is a helpful tool from SIRS for organizing your information; I recommend using it as a tool while you're writing.

Generating Keywords: We'll start here to collect the terms we'll need to perform our advanced searches.

Databases for research: Use your keywords in these databases to collect information about your research question.



Passwords for the databases above are here.

Digging deeper: Use these other sources for data and commentary to help you further examine your topic.

New York Times The New York Times is freely available while you're on campus; however, you cannot log on to our account from off campus.

Economist Although we do not have a campus subscription, you should be able to access a few of these articles without cost.

Foreign Affairs Just as above, although we do not have a campus subscription, you should be able to access a few of these articles without cost.

Igarape Institute Amazing data visualization apps (under the Apps tab) making information about international issues of urbanization and related inequalities (safe children, homicide rates, fragile cities, etc) very accessible. A rich, interactive collection of demographic data from each California county that helps give a rich understanding of how money, education, and health care all factor in to racial disparity. 

Various academic journals: We recommend searching for "open access" "academic journals" in specific academic areas that will help you answer your research question.

Citing guidelines: All classes on campus other than Psychology require MLA formatting and citation. Please use the resources below to successfully format and create citations for your paper.

Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide: This site has the rules for everything you need to know about MLA. It also has a model paper to show you exactly what an MLA formatted paper should look like, including a Works Cited.

We recommend using the tools at OWL or the MLA style guide to format your Works Cited entries. If you use EasyBib or similar, you must double-check the results because not doing so will lead to incorrect citations.

Don't plagiarize: Check yourself with this document