St. Ignatius

Cold War World History Project

Task: Write a paper and create an infographic answering the following questions about your assigned country.

How did the Cold War affect this country?

What role did the superpowers play in this country?

What happened in this country because of the Cold War?

What is happening today?

History Resources

Subscription Databases

If you're working on this project off-campus, click here for database passwords. If you're on campus, databases should log in automatically.

Level 1: Student Resources in Context Start your research here. It should give you enough information to begin asking bigger, deeper questions. At that point, you'll want to move on to Level 2 and our other sources listed below.

Level 2: EBSCO This is one of the next stops for your research. On this database, you will need to use Advanced Search. Make sure to use the limiters "Academic Journals" and "Magazines."

Nonsubscription Database

Cold War International History Project This site is a clearinghouse of Cold War-related information from all over the world. It's rich in primary sources.


Kanopy: Kanopy is a collection of streaming documentaries (and independent films) available through your San Francisco Public Library card. Log in to your account at, choose eLibrary, choose eVideos, choose Kanopy, log in again if necessary, then complete your search. If you don't have an SFPL card, stop by the Wilsey Library desk and we'll help you get one.

Current News

New York Times: The New York Times is freely available while you are using our school wifi.

UN News: UN News focuses on a global perspective and will help you access information about your assigned countries.


Resources for Infographics

Infographic by Daniel Zeevi, CC BY-ND 2.0.

Which visual tool and why

Data Visualisation Catalogue: This site is helpful in choosing which type of graphic will best help you explain your information. Basically, it's a catalog of visual tools with an explanation of what each tool means.

Infograph Generators: Look at each and Decide which works best for you.

Canva Free subscription available.

Pikta Free subscription available.

Infogram Free subscription available.

Venngage Free subscription available.

My Maps on Google Completely free customizable maps.

High school examples: These are winners of high school competitions--aim for this quality or higher.

American Chemistry Society winning infographics.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy winning infographic.

Aspirational Examples: These are complex examples of the power of data visualization and are included here to inspire you.

How to Win Rock Paper Scissors Every Time: This infographic is deceptively simple. It seems silly, but it employs data, design, and an engaging story in a very shareable format. This is a good example of something you could create with one of the Infograph Generators listed above.

The Pudding: "The Pudding is a digital publication that explains ideas debated in culture with visual essays." Poke around on this site to see examples of very different (and some very funny) examples of infographic-based journalism.

EarthTime Global Refugee Crisis: This map-based data visualization helps clarify the immensity of the international refugee crisis.