St. Ignatius

Cold War World History Project

Task: Perform research and present information about your chosen country and its relationship to the Cold War.

You must answer the following questions:

  • Definition: Who, what, when, where?
  • How were the Cold War and decolonization entwined in this country? 
  • Who were the players? How did the Cold War impact the citizens living in the country?
  • Analysis: Discuss the situation. Why was this happening? Give some background. Provide some statistics. Did violence occur? Did war happen? Why? 
  • Significance: Who “won”? What were the costs? What were the results on the people? What is the legacy of this event?
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, how did the Soviet Union and the USA impact this country during the Cold War?

History Resources

Subscription Databases

If you're working on this project off-campus, click here for database passwords. If you're on campus, databases should log in automatically.

Level 1: Gale Start your research here. It should give you enough information to begin asking bigger, deeper questions. At that point, you'll want to move on to Level 2 and our other sources listed below.

Level 2: EBSCO This is one of the next stops for your research. On this database, you will need to use Advanced Search. Make sure to use the limiters "Academic Journals" and "Magazines."

Nonsubscription Database

Cold War International History Project This site is a clearinghouse of Cold War-related information from all over the world. It's rich in primary sources. You can create your Works Cited entries for sources from this site by using


Kanopy: Kanopy is a collection of streaming documentaries (and independent films) available through your San Francisco Public Library card. Find your SFPL barcode and PIN (if you need help, LiveChat the library faculty or email them at and log on at

Current News

New York Times: Every student and faculty member has a free subscription to the New York Times through your SI email and password. If you haven't set up your own account yet, you can do so here.

UN News: UN News focuses on a global perspective and will help you access information about your assigned countries.

Ask yourself the following questions before you complete your presentation:

  • Did you turn your research into an informative presentation? Please makes sure the answers to your questions are all included somehow in this presentation.
  • Is your presentation comprehensible?
  • Did you include a map? Did you cite it?
  • Did you include photos? Did you cite them?
  • Is your presentations between 3-5 minutes? No more, no less.
  • Have you practiced with your partner? 
  • Is your presentation too text heavy?! Please use bullets.
  • Does your final slide a correctly formatted Works Cited of at least three, preferably more, sources (remember, you need to cite the map and photos, too)?