Challenge Success

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Success By Design: Is It Possible?

Friday, September 26th at 7pm
Memorial Auditorium
Stanford University

Join us for an interactive discussion about the meaning of success: What are the common beliefs about success we convey to kids in our overly scheduled and competitive society? What are the assumptions and misperceptions behind these beliefs? How can parents and educators help students design their own unique and authentic paths to success? 

Program History

It is fairly common knowledge that unhealthy stress has reached epidemic status in the United States - high school students across the nation experience overwhelming amounts of stress - academic stress, physical stress, familial stress, psychological stress, emotional stress, the list goes on. St. Ignatius is no exception to this widespread phenomenon of Stressed Out Students. 
As a means to address and hopefully eliminate this problem here at SI, in collaboration with Stanford University's Stressed Out Students Project, the SI Stressed Out Students (SOS) Team was formed in 2007. This highly successful project has since transformed into Challenge Success.
Founded on the belief that real success results from attention to the basic developmental needs of children and valuing of different types of skills and abilities, Challenge Success seeks to inform, inspire, and equip youth, parents, and schools to adopt practices to expand options for youth success. To learn more about the ways in which Challenge Success assists schools in addressing issues of student health, school engagement, and academic integrity visit their website at
Please check back often for upcoming Challenge Success news and events here at SI. 

Parent Education

Research shows that children and adolescents can benefit greatly from emotional support, parental supervision, adequate sleep, healthy eating habits, physical and intellectual challenges, resilience, and time to reflect, play, and plan. The Challenge Success Parent Education Program translates research into practical, everyday strategies for raising children who are prepared for the challenges they face both personally and academically. Please visit Challenge Success for further information.