St. Ignatius

SI Joins ‘Be The Influence’ Parenting Program

This year St. Ignatius College Prep is joining a growing parent initiative called Be The Influence. Be The Influence honors the tremendous influence parents have on their teens and calls them in good faith to take a few key measures – such as alcohol and drug free parties and gatherings, and networking with other parents – so that more families will be working in concert to create healthy alternatives for our kids.  

St. Ignatius is strongly encouraging all its families to consider making the Be The Influence commitment.  Once you’ve committed you will receive a link to a list of other SI families who have also stepped up.

Click here to view/sign the Be The Influence Parent Commitment.

Be the Influence is one of our many efforts to help ensure the safety of our students.  Of course, our school policy clearly defines our expectations; the use of drugs or alcohol is never tolerated. Further, parents who give permission for and/or allow alcohol to be served in their home to SI students will seriously jeopardize their child’s continued enrollment at SI. We also ask that, as a community, we work together to reinforce this commitment to the students’ safety and well-being; we work best when we are a partnership.

Despite the high school party culture environment, we do not accept that drug and alcohol use is a normal or necessary part of our teen's experience. As parents and adults who care deeply about the safety and development of our children, we can be very clear about our expectations and consequences. We realize that families have different views and attitudes toward alcohol use, but because we are all part of the SI community we strive to respond, in a common voice, to support our teens. With this common voice, we hope to create a culture where students know and understand that using these substances are significant obstacles to their growth. Be The Influence is just one more tool to help cultivate this healthy culture.

We hope parents remember a few key points:

  1. Research shows that parents are the number one influence on their child’s attitudes towards drug and alcohol use.
  2. Regardless of any pushback on their part, teens want and need clear boundaries and consistent consequences.
  3. In spite of our teens’ fierce hunger for independence, they still need us to supervise them and, for their health and safety, we are responsible to do so.  

The SI community of parents can support one another by communicating expectations.  You can use the school directory and the Be The Influence list as resources.   If you’re hosting a party, actively inform parents and guests of the ground rules and hold the teens accountable if they don’t follow them.  If your child is attending a party, don’t be afraid to call and ask about ground rules at the home:  will the parents be home and supervising?; Is this a large or small party; is it an “invite only” party?; will the parents allow alcohol?  If you don’t like what you hear or you’re not comfortable, don’t hesitate to keep your child home.  They may pushback which is a natural reaction to limitations placed on teens, but as they pushback they are developing a better understanding that their good health is far more important than the fear of missing out.

Let’s work together to keep our children safe.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Nick Calabrese
Wellness Coordinator