St. Ignatius

Physical Education

Our Philosophy

The philosophy that guides the Department of Physical Education has been preceeded by the Graduate-at-Graduation document. The philosophy includes not only the pursuit of knowledge of our subject matter, but also encompasses the humanistic and religious elements that are part of a traditional Jesuit philosophy. The Physical Education Department at St. Ignatius College Preparatory has a curriculum to cultivate both mind and body. This ideal to pursue the development of both the intellect and the body also fosters the development of emotional and social characterisitics to aid in the formation of a well-rounded person. Our physical education program includes:

  • education of the role of physical activity and nutrition in preventative mental and physical health
  • expression of oneself through individual physical activity, as well as group situations
  • promotion of socialization factors, such as decision making, cooperation, sportsmanship and leadership
  • knowledge of the functioning of the human body, with emphasis on musculature and the role of the body in physical activity

 This mind-body combination will enlighten each student to facilitate his or her given talents and provide a sense of mental and physical well-being, in addition to building self-esteem and confidence.