SAT Testing FAQs

How do I apply for accommodations on CollegeBoard exams (SAT/SAT Subject Tests/AP Exams)?

The Learning Center processes your accommodations requests in June of your freshman year.

What do we need to accomplish this? Updated paperwork and learning profile.
No paperwork = no accommodations.

What is an SSD Number and why do I need it?

After the CollegeBoard has approved your accommodations requests, they will assign you a Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD) Number. Please keep this number for your records, or check this spreadsheet. All SSD Numbers are organized by student ID number.

SSD Number Spreadsheet - Down for maintenance. Please check back later.

Use this number to create an account and register for a test online. You will not be able to access your approved accommodations without your SSD Number.

National vs. Special Testing

National Testing

National Testers can only test at National Test Centers of their choosing. SI is a National Test Center for select dates, space permitting.

National Testers usually have one or more of the following accommodations:

  • 50% Extended Time
  • Large Block Answer Sheet
  • Extra Breaks/Extended Breaks
  • 4-Function Calculator
  • Large Print Test Booklet

Special Testing

Special Testing is generally any testing that requires the use of the following, often in addition to the accommodations listed above:

  • Computer (Writing section ONLY)
  • 100% Extended Time
  • Specific medical requirements

When you register as a Special Tester, you will receive a confirmation email that says "contact your school representative/SSD coordinator to schedule your test." This just means that you will test on campus with an LC staff member.

Can I take the SAT and the Subject Test on the same day?

No. You must register for different testing dates.

I am a Special Tester, but I didn't register for the SAT with Writing. Do I still qualify as a Special Tester?

For all 50% ET testers with computer accommodations: No.

Since the computer accommodation applies to the Writing section only, you are no longer considered a Special Tester if you choose to take the SAT without Writing.

If you are a Special Tester and register for the SAT with Writing, you cannot change your mind on test day. You MUST either (1) call the CollegeBoard to change your registration and find an open seat at a National Test Center OR (2) No-show for your test.

This is the CollegeBoard's policy. No exceptions.

This does not apply to students who have other timing accommodations or medical requirements.

Do my SAT/SAT Subject Test accommodations apply to AP Tests?

Learning Center Staff will ensure that you receive your approved accommodations on AP Exams.

When you apply for accommodations through the CollegeBoard, you are applying for accommodations on all CollegeBoard tests, which includes AP exams.

This means that if you are approved for 50% extended time, you will receive 50% extended time on all SATs, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams.

I am approved for accommodations on all CollegeBoard tests. Do these accommodations apply to the ACT as well?

No. The SAT is administered through the CollegeBoard, which is separate from the ACT. You must follow a separate application process for the ACT.

CollegeBoard tests include: PSAT, the SAT with or without writing, SAT Subject Tests, and AP exams. It does not include the ACT.

Click here for the ACT FAQs.

SAT Special Testing Dates (2019-2020) SI ONLY

August 24, 2019 - preferred date for 2020 grads (recommended last test date if applying EA/ED to college)

October, 2019 - preferred date for 2020 grads Testing Date will be Sunday, 10/6 -

November 2, 2019 - first open date for 2021 grads (general recommendation to postpone testing until spring)

March 14, 2020


June 6, 2020