St. Ignatius

Information for Prospective Students

Note for Prospective Students: St. Ignatius offers the most challenging college preparatory curriculum to its students. A learning disability impacts this education experience, and great motivation is required to manage the increased difficulty. Regardless of a student's learning disability, all students must be able to compete academically in a rigourous college preparatory enviornment. It should be understood that St. Ignatius may not be able to meet the needs of all students with learning disabilities. Students diagnosed with more severe learning disabilities, which could prevent them from successfully completing SI's academic requirements, may want to consider other schools that offer extensive LD support programs rather than St. Ignatius.

For HSPT Accommodation information...
Please click here for more information about accommodations on the HSPT.

Accommodations: The Learning Center offers the general accommodations listed here.

Recently admitted to SI?
Congratulations, we can't wait to work with you next year!  If you plan on using accommodations at school, please ensure that the appropriate educational testing has been provided to the admissions team or sent in as part of your new student packet. Our timeline for support will unfold as follows:


  • Learning Center Director emails families with calendar invites for August meetings


  • Meeting with Learning Center Director & family 
  • Approval of Learning Profile (accommodation plan)
  • Learning Profile distributed to teachers
  • Meet Personal Academic Counselor
  • Introduce yourself to teachers during first week of school
  • Check with Learning Center staff to help with staying organized, using Canvas, getting comfortable