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What is a Student Success Workshop and how is it different from your typical workshop?

Student Success Workshops are quick 30 minute study sessions that are limited to 5 students each. Unlike the larger workshops, these small group discussions give students the opportunity to work with one another and a tutor in a smaller setting.

How does your student sign up?

No sign ups required! Simply drop-in. First come, first served.

Parents - please encourage your student to sign up. Do not sign up on their behalf.

Just for Senior Parents

Quick Tips on how to access accommodations at your next school:

What do you need?
Have a copy of your educational assessment and your SI school learning plan.

What does your college offer? 
Look on your college’s website for student support services, learning support, and disability support. You should be able to find out what is needed to access support in August.

What makes you succcessful? 
Think about what you personally need and what helped you be successful at SI (e.g. was it extended time, books on tape, or a private testing room?)

When should I begin this process?
Act early! The sooner you get your request in for services, the sooner you will get them. We recommend going to school asking for support rather than trying to ‘go it alone’ and then having to scramble to get things in order once you are on campus. Start out ahead versus behind. Some colleges may want you to have updated paperwork when you arrive. Most schools like to have your most recent evaluation completed in the past 3-5 years.

How can the LC support you?
We have copies of your educational evaluation and your learning profile. We can help you to access these forms up until the end of this school year. Please ask us for your records before June 2.