St. Ignatius

General Accommodations

Requesting Accommodations Through the Learning Center -

Please contact your child's Personal Academic Counselor to initiate the request process. 

Families should be prepared to provide supporting documentation to substantiate this request -

Acceptable forms of documentation include, but are not limited to:

  • Psychoeducational Evaluation
  • Neuropsychological Evaluation
  • Psychiatric Evaluation
  • Medical Documentation

Of Note:

  • Diagnosis should be made by a person with appropriate professional credentials, should be specific, and, when appropriate, should relate the disability to the applicable professional standards, for example, DSM-IV.
  • In most cases, the evaluation and diagnostic testing should have taken place within five years of the request for accommodations. For psychiatric disabilities, an annual evaluation update must be within 12 months of the request for accommodations. We strongly recommend that the testing take place within three years of graduation, to enable students to access accommodations in college. For visual disabilities, documentation should be within two years, and for physical/medical, an update must be within one year from the time of the request.
  • Most importantly, all paperwork must describe the functional limitations. Explain how the disability impacts the student’s daily functioning and ability to participate in the test.

Timeline to Accommodations:

Following the receipt of documentation, with input from the student and family, the LC Director will compose and implement a Learning Profile for the student.  This accommodation plan will be approved in a meeting with the student and family prior to being distributed to the student's current teachers.

**Students whose documentation is received by the LC Director less than one month prior to final exams will not have their paperwork processed, or be eligible for accommodations, until the following semester.**

**Accommodation requests for AP exams must be completed by mid-January per the CollegeBoard.**



  • Standard Time
  • 50% Extended Time
  • 100% Extended Time

Common Accommodations

  • Secure Computer Access
  • Marking Responses on the Test
  • Oral Testing
  • Distraction free testing environment
  • Noise cancelling headphones to eliminate distraction
  • SAT/ACT Accommodations, if approved by the agencies themselves