St. Ignatius

Visual Arts

Ms. Katie Wolf

M.F.A.  San Francisco Art Institute
B.A.      Santa Clara University
Office Hours: 7:30-8:15 or by appointment

About Ms. Katie Wolf:
KATIE WOLF has been developing and implementing curriculum to teach the creative process for over 35 years in San Francisco. Subject areas include architecture, sculpture, painting and set design. Her teaching has inspired thousands of students to recognize, express and share their gift of creativity, and in so doing, their creative process and resultant pieces give praise to the Creator. Katie’s personal creative work ranges from environmental designs for the vast and modern St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco to intimate sacred spaces, Byzantine icons and an Art and Nature Retreat Site in northern California. An ancient and personal symbol system imbues her large scale paintings, welded steel sculptures, stained glass pieces, painted fabric wall scrolls and wearable art with an energy that presents itself as a bridge allowing the Sacred to be sensed in our daily living.

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