Tips for Families with Seniors

As much as possible, take the student's lead. Senior year is a significant opportunity to encourage independence and positive decision making.

Support. Continue to offer support.  Though your student may appear they do not need you to be there.  They need you to be their biggest cheerleader.  

For an academically successful student... encourage what works for the student.  Listen first about their concerns and help them brainstorm strategies to be successful with resources available to them.  Assisting your student to find their own strategies will help them during their journey in college. 

For a struggling student: Discuss necessary steps to find success in a particular subject/s.  Do not hesitate to reach out to their counselor to help them with academic, personal or college needs.  

Watch out for 'senioritis': If grades begin to slip, talk to your child as soon as possible. Listen and offer constructive feedback. Remind them that colleges will utilize their senior grades for admissions even after they have been accepted. Contact her/his counselor if there are concerns.

Communication is key: Keep a regularly scheduled appointment to discuss college with your child.

Extra Support Wanted... Now is the time to offer administrative/organizational support in the college application process. It is essential that each Senior take the lead on his/her application process.  Provide gentle support and encouragement is key. Note:  It is necessary for the Senior to initiate all conversations and communications with college representatives at all times during the college application process. 

Finalizing the College List: Before the final college list has been completed, make sure that a variety of colleges are represented. This means ensuring a well rounded collegeapplication list by selecting colleges which fall under the following categories: "Challenging, Possible and Likely."

What a parent/guardian needs to know: Familiarize yourself with the procedures/requirements for each of the college applications on your child’s college list.  Create a paper or electronic calendar that is shared of deadlines and with to do list items. Communicate with your student what you can afford for college so your student can understand the importance of scholarships and applying to colleges that offer financial options that can meet the family's needs.