Tips for Juniors

Explore your Passion and Stay Involved: Look ahead in your Junior year to best schedule your Standardized Test dates and test prep option is best for you.

Stay focused on academics: Think about which teachers you have had your best classroom experience with

Take care of yourself: Make sure you’re eating well, sleeping regularly and managing stress successfully. Speak with a trusted adult in your life (parent, counselor, teacher, coach) if you need support.

Need help with your organization and time management skills? They are the key to ‘balanced’ success in high school.  Your counselors and the Academic Support Director (in the Learning Center) are here to help you.

Plan Ahead. Make sure that you know your co curricular calendar ahead of time so you can schedule your standardized testing accordingly.

Create an action plan to prepare for your standardized exams: Effective strategizing includes spacing tests out and allowing for preparation time.

Getting ready to apply for Immersion: To be eligible to apply for the Immersion program, students must complete their Community Service requirement (100 hours) by the start of the school year. Learn more.

Make sure you have completed most of your service hours.  Learn more about different programs you can volunteer at. 

Create a balance college list: Go to Family Connection under the "College" tab and convert your colleges to "Colleges I'm Apply to" and make sure the list is balanced with Challenge, Possible and Likely colleges both for admission and financial aid. 

Create your senior schedule carefully: Don’t overload on honors/AP courses.  Find the balance between academic success and challenge.

Scholarships: Research scholarships and calendar the scholarships you plan to apply to throughout your Junior and Senior year.

Summer Enrichment Program: The summer before your senior year is your last summer to either improve your GPA (take college courses or summer school classes) or getting involved in an enrichment program in an area you love.  Market yourself and find your passion at the same time.

Update and begin to finalize your resume on Family Connection: It is key to have all your activiites, achievements and awards on your resume in Family Connection with action verb statements so you can copy them over to your future college applications.

Summer Registration for SAT / ACT: Late June and early July is when the registration process begins for SAT and ACT registration for your senior year.  Sign up early so you can get into your first choice location.

College Essay: Finalize your college essay and supplements (if necessary) prior to beginning your senior year.  It is an important element of your future college application and takes time to allow the writing process create a great statement.

Make healthy choices both in and out of school.