Subject Exams

SAT Subject Tests are one hour exams that are designed to measure a student's knowledge in a specific academic areas. Tests are offered in many subject areas. To view them go on the College Board website.

NOTE:  Students should speak with their instructors in World History, Chemistry and Biology if they are prepared to take the SAT Subject exam.  

How Many Subject Exams?

Colleges may require/recommend a specific number of subject tests as part of the application process.  In some instances, colleges may also require specific subjects.  It is important to be aware whether or not to take SAT Subject Tests and which tets to choose depends on the specific college admission requirements.  Students should check college websites or contact college admission officers directly for detailed information. 

Registering to Take the SAT Subject Tests

Go to the College Board and use our school's CEEB code (053010) so SI can receive your test scores.  

Preparing for the SAT Subject Tests

The best way for a student to prepare for any subject test is by engaging in the relevant coursework at St. Ignatius.  Once the specific subject tests have been selected, students should take time to review a sample subject test (available at the Counseling Center, your local library or bookstore) and become familiar with the directions and the type of questions asked.  Practice taking a sample test in a timed setting is also recommended as it helps students know what to expect. 

Subject Test Scoring

Each subject test is scored on a scale from 200 to 800.

Score Choice

The College Board offers students the "Score Choice" option for both the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests.  This allows student to choose which scores they would like to send to colleges.

NOTE:  Score Choice is NOT an option that is recommended by the SI Counseling Department.  Colleges will use your highest test scores.