Registering for Your Exam

Students must register for the SAT, SAT Subject Tests, and ACT directly on the testing websites.

To Register:

Visit to register for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests

Visit to register for the ACT plus Writing exam.

Typically students take the SAT and ACT plus Writing exam for the first time in the spring semester of junior year, however it is important to register for the exams early as the testing locations can fill up quickly. Check availability for all test locations and dates on the testing website.

All colleges and universities across the nation will accept either the SAT or ACT plus Writing exam for admission.

Don't forget:

When a student registers they should enter Saint Ignatius as their high school (school code 053010) and send their scores (at least 4) to the colleges and universities they are applying to.  Admission Officers will use the highest SAT or ACT plus Writing exam for evaluation.


For SAT exams use code 3594 (CSU Mentor in Long Beach, CA) to send your scores to all CSU campuses (23) and do NOT send your test scores to UC campuses until your senior year because they will not be saved.  During senior year when you you send one set of your scores to a UC campus they will be delivered to all the UC campuses a student applies to. 


Sophomores and juniors will automatically be registered by the school for the PSAT exam in October. Students do not need to register for the PSAT on their own.