Fee Waivers

The fees to register for the standardized tests can be costly. Fee waivers are available from both the CollegeBoard (SAT and AP) and ACT to students who meet specific eligibility requirements. If you think you may be eligible, please fill out the attached form here.  Once you have completed the form, place it in a sealed envelope, labeled with your student's last name and graduation year, and drop it off in the Business Center located on the first floor of St. Ignatius.  The form will then be reviewed by the Financial Aid Office for verification.  Ms. Bayze in the Financial Aid Office will then notify you if the student is eligible for a fee waiver, which can then be picked up in the Counseling Center.  

For CollegeBoard, each SAT waiver covers the registration fees for a single test date, either for the SAT or for up to three SAT Subject Tests. Four total waivers are available through the CollegeBoard — two for the SAT and two for the SAT Subject Tests.  SAT Subject Test fee waivers can be used any time from 9th grade through 12th grade, while SAT fee waivers can be used from 11th grade through 12th grade.

For ACT, a student may use a maximum of two fee waivers total.  Students who use the waivers must be in the 11th or 12th grade.


For both the SAT and ACT the fee waivers can only be used for standard registration.  Waivers cannot be used for late or standby registration.

Learn more about fee waivers at ACT or SAT.

Please see your College Counselor if you have any questions.