Documents & Surveys for Juniors

Below is information on the various documents and surveys that students and their parents/guardians must complete.


Juniors and their parents/guardians will be requested to fill out certain forms either on Family Connection or the forms listed below to assist teachers and counselors in completing the college process for students.  

NOTE:  Students need to request a teacher recommendation from an instructor who can illustrate how the student has contributed inside the classroom through various activities that include but are not limited to research, classroom discussions, presentations and other unique elements. 


Below are various forms students will use for Junior year.   Please carefully read the steps necessary to obtain letter of recommendations.

Documentation required for letters of recommendation and secondary school report:

  1. All students must request letters of recommendation in person from their teachers.
  2. Fill out resume section on Family Connection under "about me" (see sample below)
  3. Students must fill out a "teacher intake survey #1", "teacher intake survey #2" and a "Counselor Intake Survey" which will be listed on the left hand side in Naviance under "about me."  
  4. Go to "colleges I'm applying to" (colleges tab) and scroll to the bottom of the page and add your two teachers.  Indicate on the note box which teacher survey (either #1 or #2) was filled out for each of the different instructors.
  5. Counselor Intake Survey (also under "about me") will provide valuable information for your College Counselor to write your secondary school report (letter of recommendation from your College Counselor).  All letters of recommendation from the College Counselors will include collaboration from each student's personal academic counselor.
  6. Parents/Guardians please complete the Parent Intake Survey.  Parents/Guardians must log into the Family Connection account with the parent log in and find the survey under the "about me" tab.
  7. Note:  Parents/Guardians also have the option to download the Parent Intake Survey here and email it as an attachment to their student's college counselor. Please label the subject in the email as "LOR."  
  8. Complete the resume in Family Connection under "about me" with at least a 150 character description of achievements and leadership in each program or award(s) received.

DEADLINE:  When school resumes after Easter Break

The information above can be found on Family Connection.

SI Counseling Documents

Other Items (Cal Grant)

SI's Counseling Department processes every students' GPA Verification Form to the California State Aid Commission during their senior year so families can apply for Cal Grant (a free gift aid for eligible California residents).  We administer to the government every students' Cal Grant GPA and Social Security Number.  Families will receive an email if Social Security Numbers were not provided when registering they registered at SI.  Learn more at