St. Ignatius

Course Selection

Students are required to enroll in six classes each semester at SI. Study periods or “free” periods are only allowed when a student has taken a pre-approved equivalency summer school course at SI.

Requests to take more than six courses courses during a particular semester should be made to the counselor who will review the request with the Assistant Principal for Academics.

All courses at SI are equally valued. It should not be assumed that one type of course will prove less demanding or require less of a commitment than an offering in one of the other academic disciplines.

  1. During X period, all grade levels will meet with their Personal / Academic Counselor to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the course selection and scheduling process.
  2. All students will choose courses via the online course selection program.

    Note: Course offerings are based on teacher approval and/or based upon a student's elementary/middle school GPA, recommendations from previous teachers, and scores on the entrance and placement examinations.
  3. Students are required to submit a Scheduling Request Form in addition to selecting courses on the online course selection program.
  4. Each student is encouraged to meet with their counselor to discuss course selection and future outlook.

Note: Please refer to the Academic Office Website as a resource for more information regarding Academic Requirements: Honors/Advanced Placement, Study Hall, and Change of Schedule.