St. Ignatius

Loyola Guild

History of the Loyola Guild

The Loyola Guild began in October 1925 for mothers of sons who attended either the high school or the college (though wives of graduates and lay professors could join as well). According to the1925 Ignatian, the group existed to “foster a deeper acquaintance with all in touch with St. Ignatius College, and to cooperate with its officers to the effect that faculty and parents may work in harmony for the best interests of the school and students.”

They held monthly meetings and raised money in all sorts of ways to help the Jesuits. During the Depression they held a bake sale to help the school pay its electrical bill. One year, the mothers raised enough money to buy uniforms for the college band. “Back in the 1920s, these mothers had a great love for the Jesuits and their mission, just as we still have today,” said Guild President Connie Mack. "Who would have thought that today we would have a Jesuit Pope!"

At its peak, the Guild boasted 1,200 members and was one of the elite women’s clubs in San Francisco.  “The Guild’s annual tea at the Palace Hotel drew a thousand women and sold out every year at $5 a ticket. For many women, it was the club to join,” added Mrs. Mack.

Currently the group has more than 250 members across the country and raises money to sustain the endowed scholarships at SI and USF. The group is now celebrating its 94th year of fun-filled events and prayer.

The Loyola Guild puts on an Annual Spring Brunch and cooperates with Ignatian Guild to host an Annual Holiday Tea and looks forward to continuing this cooperation in supporting these events.  In addition, the Guild hosts Club 200.  "We encourage the graduating mothers of St. Ignatius to join Loyola Guild as members to continue our support of Jesuit education in San Francisco," said Mrs. Mack.