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A Special Message from Principal Levine

SI Principal Michelle Nevin Levine reflects on recent school activities, from Mass of the Holy Spirit to Another night in Vegas, as well as looks forward to upcoming events like MORP and the Bruce-Mahoney Volleyball game.

The New Bell Schedule Explained

We expect our students to be heavily involved and dedicated to their academics, co-curricular activities, and their campus ministry commitments. Our hope for the new bell schedule is that it will allow students to fully commit to their joys and passions outside of the classroom, without having hours of work to complete in the evening. Please watch this video to understand how this schedule will work and our goals in creating this particular schedule.

Another Night in Vegas

This Saturday evening, we will be hosting one of our most fun student events; all students are invited to "Another Night in Vegas." We’ll have numerous games of chance, a DJ for dancing, a James Bond movie for watching plus snacks, drinks, and prizes, including electronics, sports tickets, and more! Get all the details here.

Women’s History Month is upon us. Celebrating women’s legacies of leadership and strength, as well as advocating for gender parity, means challenging inequality, calling out bias, questioning stereotypes, and helping to forge an inclusive world. As we highlight and celebrate the immeasurable contributions that women have made, it is critical that we also seek to learn more about the women that have been erased from history. 

You Are Invited
On Monday, March 22, 2021, at 6 p.m., the Magis Center for Equity and Inclusion and AALPA (African American and Latino Parents Association) invite you to a conversation and Q&A with Anna Malaika Tubbs, author of "The Three Mothers: How the Mothers of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X, and James Baldwin Shaped a Nation." "The Three Mothers" fights the erasure of Black motherhood by highlighting the extraordinary lives of Alberta King, Louise Little, and Berdis Baldwin, provides a historical perspective of the dehumanization and violence that impacted their lives, and gives them the recognition they deserve in raising three extraordinary men that shaped our nation.

Find out more and get the link to this Zoom event.

Recent News

Who Needs School is a podcast that explores the future of education through a series of conversations with notable guests and big thinkers. 

Listen now

The show is produced and hosted by Joe Vollert, SI Vice President of Advancement.


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