World History 1: Aztec, Inca and Maya civilizations


Research tips:

  1. Read the assignment CAREFULLY and write down words for searching, e.g., Aztec, govenrment, religion.  These are known as key terms.
  2. Combine your terms in a database Advanced Search feature.  Aztec AND leadership
  3. Review search results and look for subject words that you can combine with other key terms to produce more targeted results


Research Databases

When using off campus CLICK HERE for passwords.  If the link fails try these steps: 1) sign in to your student portal; 2). go to this class projects page and access the passwords page as already instructed.  If this attempt is thwarted, click here for Research Databases and click on the passwords link at the top of the page.  This should get you to the passwords page.  You can then return to this Class Projects page and access the databases as needed.  If a database link on your class projects page does not work, the go to Research Databases page and access from there.


World History in Context - History database covering all time periods. 

  • Start with Maya, etc. in search box to review database results.  Review articles and click on one.  Review article for content and other subject words that you can combine in Advanced Search to narrow your results.

Ebscohost   Academic Journals, periodicals and newspapers

  • Use Advanced Search feature and type Aztec, etc. into search box and select Subject Terms in drop down box.  This will give you all database results.  Make sure you are limited to full text.  You may also want to reduce the number of articles by narrowing the publication date.  Review the results list for appropriate subject terms and type a term into the secod search box and select Subject Terms in the dropdown box.  This will narrow your results.

Modern History Online  Covers the people, places, and events in the broad expanse of history from mid-15th century to the present

  • Try this for broad search results.  Use Advanced Search and type key terms into box, i.e., Mayans.  Limit Results by subject entries, appropriate time period and full text.  Click on article and review Related Events and Topics in RH column.  Also check out tabs across top of results page.  These sources may be helpful with content or provide you with other key terms to better focus your search.


Destiny Book Catalog

Use the catalog to find books to supplement your research material.

  • When searching for an author or individual by last name, first name
  • When searching for a subject, start as generally as you can, i.e. “Cold War”.  Click on search results record to find additional subject search terms.
  • Note the call number location of a search results and browse shelf area for like-minded items.  Also search in Reference section with same call number for additional research material.
  • Look in the book table of contents or index using search terms to find research material.


Citing Sources

Citing Sources - St. Ignatius Citation Resource Page

Purdue Owl - Purdue University Citation Resource

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