My Fair Lady
Costume and Prop Rental

Eliza Cockney

Eliza Sc 3

Eliza Sc 5 #1

Eliza Sc 5 #2

Eliza Sc 5 #3

Eliza Sc 5 #4

Eliza Sc 5 #5

Eliza Nightgown

Eliza Ascot

Eliza Ascot

Eliza Ballgown

Eliza Ballgown Cape

Eliza Show Me

Eliza Mrs. Higgins Tea

Eliza Final

Mrs. Pearce

Mrs. Pearce Nightgown

Mrs. Higgin's As

Mrs. Higgins Tea
















Ascot Butler

Male Ascot



Can Can Dancer

Higgins Sc 1

Higgins Sc 3

Higgins Sc 5

Higgins Act 2

Higgins Ascot

Higgins Robe

Higgins Ball

Pickering Opera / Ball


Pickering Robe

Doolittle, Harry and Jamie Cockney

Doolittle, Harry and Jamie Church

Servant Chorus


Cockney Women

Cockney Men

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

Courage to Lead; Passion to Serve

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