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The graduation requirements at St. Ignatius College Preparatory include seven semesters of Religious Studies. The curriculum is designed to help students understand their relationship with God and their human brothers and sisters in light of the Scriptures and the teachings of the Catholic Church in the modern world.



Grade Level – 9
Length – One Semester

Type of Course – Core lower division course required for graduation
Prerequisite – None
Criteria for Enrollment – All freshmen must enroll

Course Description — The students will be introduced to an overview of Catholicism by understanding humankind’s search for God (coming to an appreciation and respect for world religions) revealed through Judeo-Christian history and the sacramental practice of the Catholic Church. The students will become familiar with different models of the Church and sacraments as symbols and rituals. The core of the course is an examination of Jesus and His challenge to live as a growing community of believers. Special emphasis will be given to the students’ call to discipleship and their role in living out “church” in their lives.


Grade Level – 10
Length – One Year

Type of Course – Core lower division course required for graduation
Prerequisite – Religious Studies 100
Criteria for Enrollment – All sophomores must enroll

Course Description — In this course, students examine prominent themes developed in Jewish and Christian Scriptures such as family, liberation, suffering, redemption, and discipleship both through a careful examination of primary source texts and with consultation of contemporary midrash, Scriptural commentaries, and theological writings. With each theme, students will consider how Scripture guides discernment and challenges them to respond compassionately to some of the most pressing concerns of our time.


Grade Level – 11
Length – One Year 

Type of Course –
Core upper division course required for graduation
Prerequisite – Religious Studies 100, 200
Criteria for Enrollment – All juniors must enroll

UC/CSU Subject G Approval

Course Description — The foundation to this course is the call to uphold and promote the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. This two-semester course engages students in the broad philosophical and theological discussions of good and evil, right and wrong, freedom and duty, in and beyond the practical moral decisions of everyday life. The first semester establishes an understanding of human dignity, informed conscience, and emphasizes a spectrum of principles and virtues. The second semester introduces the tradition of social justice, Catholic social teaching, and the common good. Students will tackle some of the most compelling dilemmas and dreams of the human experience. 

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