Paying for College

What is Financial aid?

The cost of attending college includes tuition, campus fees, room and board (food), text books and personal expenses such as travel, computer expenses (if requested) and personal expenses. Most of this (but not all) is included in the estimated cost published by the college each year.

Families will not know their specific eligibility without filling out the necessary forms [FAFSACal Grant (GPA Verification Form), CSS Profile and other documents ). Specific eligibility depends upon a variety of factors, here are some:

  • parents/stepparents’ income and assets
  • student’s income and assets
  • age of the older parent living in the household
  • number of dependents and household members that receive 50% support
  • number of dependents attending college
  • cost of the attending a college

To find your EFC (Eligibility of Family Contribution – the portion of your own and your family’s financial resources that should be available to pay for college, based on a federal formula from the U.S. Government) go to FAFSA4caster to obtain your EFC(how much the government expects your family to contribute towards college expenses).

The financial aid process can be very confusing where students will get offers from campuses that provide many loans versus other campuses that provide great financial aid packages. The SI Counseling Department encourages families to apply broadly to a variety of colleges of interest both public and private who offer a variety of scholarship and financial aid packages.

Check out Tips for Students and Families to discover the necessary steps to be on the right track on maximizing your Financial Aid Award.

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