National Poetry Month: Valerie Ibarra '99
Posted 04/16/2018 08:00AM

POEM: Untitled (but written upon waking)

May ART spark forth
from you
as if forged
by the burrowing
of a god
come to mine
your depths

the flare of its dynamite
& lanterns
send up heat
to carry through your being
until you are
bleeding or weeping

trails of which
now forming
the beds of rivers
& the Alchemy
of minerals
streaking through
the hidden hills
fortified, yet fluid

culverts catching
the torrents & errant drops
that fall
after all
the smoky clouds
have broken
and the silt
of the volcanic explosion
to be
culled & counted
as among
the source of things

-V.I. February 2018

Valerie Anne Francesca Ibarra '99 is a poet and radio host at and KPFA 94.1FM. She helps organize the annual celebration of National Poetry Month at San Francisco City Hall - Poems Under the Dome - the largest poetry open mic in the City! All ages are welcome to put your name in the hat for a chance to read a poem at City Hall on April 19th 2018 from 5:30-8pm - She is also interviewing the candidates for Mayor of San Francisco on her weekly radio program Women's Magazine with Global Val on Links to these interviews and information about more community events can be found on
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