National Poetry Month: Eugene Bianchi '48
Posted 04/09/2018 08:00AM


"We need people who can help bring mediation

and reconciliation to nations in conflict."

--(Thich Nhat Hanh, Buddhist monk, in Being Peace)

The tribe saves and deceives.
Like all animal kin we perish
without breast and hearth,
without touch, teaching and love.

The tribe separates us
by nation, class, skin, wealth
and myriad other fearful barriers
like patriotism driven by violence.

We find comfort parading with tanks
and missiles before our dear leader as
anti-militarism becomes cowardice:
"Thank you for your service, glad it's you not me."

60,000 rush to early graves in Vietnam,
taking many more Vietnamese with them
for an insane war, for a wall of names
on the Mall to placate scheming politicians.

Can we resolve conflicts with the monk's
diplomacy of understanding and compassion?
Can we make peace with our warrior
spirit surging from reptilian brains

long enough to honor kinship
with enemies to save a beautiful planet?
Cat Max purrs yes with prophets
and mystics across the world.

--Eugene C. Bianchi '48, Athens, GA, Feb. 13, 2018

Eugene Bianchi (SI 48), an emeritus professor of Religion at Emory University, lives in Athens, GA with his wife and Siamese cat Max who inspires his poems.

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