The Toboni Family & many SI grads step up to help fire victims
Posted 10/25/2017 01:17PM

Mary and Joe Toboni '70 own Toboni Vineyards and Oakwild Ranch in the Russian River. As part of the larger North Bay wine community, the Tobonis stepped up and gathered supplies for those affected by the devastating fires. They collected $200,000 in donations of food and supplies and over $50,000 in gift cards. They sent this message some days ago. Below the message is a list of SI grads who assisted in the effort:

"We are incredibly grateful to those who participated in our supply drive to aid those who have been affected by the North Bay Fires. By uniting as a community, we surpassed our expectations in helping the plight of those displaced. The work force consisted of people from all backgrounds and ages – from five years old's taping boxes to the elderly offering gift cards. It was this sense of togetherness and unity that made the endeavor successful.

"We were able to fill three 18' moving trucks full of brand new supplies as well as approximately $50,000 in gift cards. Each truck went to a different relief center and the items were immediately sorted and distributed to the victims.

"Equally impressive was the outpouring of love and appreciation from the centers that received your gifts. Their feedback to us was that they need more supplies and funds. We would encourage fundraisers and community outreach to help with the shelters and distribution centers who are in dire need of new donations and money. Below is information on another drive with which we are assisting. We would love to have your support again:

With heartfelt appreciation,

The Toboni Family

SI Grads Involved in the Fire Relief Effort

  • Alexander Alioto
  • Julia Anaya
  • Annie Hagbom Andrews
  • Danielle Brunache
  • Bob Callan Sr.
  • Geoff Callan
  • Joey Cannata
  • Chelsea Cherin Cannata
  • Rose Costello
  • Anthony Cuadro
  • David Devincenzi
  • Liz Driscoll
  • Ed Gaus
  • Dumont Girls***
  • Chuck Eggert
  • Mike Farrah Jr.
  • Annie Wright Galdorisi
  • Kathryn Gianaras
  • Gerard Harkin
  • Maureen Karprosch
  • Mary Keane
  • Joe Leveroni
  • Dillon McCarthy
  • Sorcha McGrillen
  • Dave Mcmonigle
  • Leigh Silver McMonigle
  • Jim Monfredini
  • Joey Moore Jr.
  • Regina Moore
  • Pete Murphy Family
  • Justin Ohanessian
  • Peter Osborne Jr.
  • Raynna Reudy
  • Lizzy Zellerback Rufer
  • Kelly Sheehan
  • Chris Stecher
  • Amy Stecher
  • Joe Strizich
  • Misha Sundakovsky
  • Katie Swift
  • Gianna Toboni
  • Gillian Silver Toboni
  • Joey Toboni
  • Joe Toboni
  • Paul Toboni
  • Michael Toboni
  • Jacqueline Toboni
  • Kate Nicolai Ward
  • Greg Vaughn Family
  • Missono Family
  • Schimineck Family
  • Mike Martin Family
  • Ariana Papalexopoulos
  • Bill Murphy Family
  • Donnici Family
  • Vince O'Gara Family
  • Monroe Family
  • Christina Sangiacomo
  • Jim Sangiacomo
  • The Tonelli Family
  • The Bonelli Family

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