SI student art to be shown in the Asian Art Museum
Posted 04/13/2017 10:08AM

The exhibit at the Asian Art Museum will run from April 29 to May 7 and feature the works below.

WATER - "Rowing into the Deep" a composite of 25 student representations of water.

This 4' x 4' composite project was developed in response to the world-wide concern about water: justice for those who do not have access to clean water, those affected by global warming and rising waters, those finding drought conditions as a new reality and those dealing with massive rains resulting in flooding and land degradation.

The beauty, mystery, comfort, strength and majesty of WATER was identified by student's personal imaging of this essential element. Students were invited to create an image of WATER in whatever context they felt resonance. On a 9"x 9" format all stylistic approaches and materials were welcomed.

The sustainable future of our global community is increasingly dependent on our awareness of water issues and our ability to respond in a courageous and appropriate manner.

Making ART is one way to celebrate, educate and reverence WATER. Pictured below are other works to be showcased at the Asian Art Museum:

By Matthew Abranches Da Silva

By Sophia Boosalis

by Michelle Crespo. Michelle also won first place in the photography competition for the photo above, titled "San Juan de los Lagos" in the 30th annual Elks Club High School Art Competition.

Chris Baker won second place in the Pen and Pencil category for his work "Four Modern Architects"

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