Poetry Month: Bob Carson '63, editor of Waterfront Writers
Posted 04/06/2017 10:01AM

Bob Carson '63 is an Emmy-Award winning poet and is the editor of The Waterfront Writers: The Literature of Work. He has done film scripts, song lyrics, stage dramas. His latest endeavor is a novel: A Well Regulated Militia, appearing late this year.

The following is from a longer poem titled "Mind/Brain Conflict."

Why is death, ordinary since life began aeons ago,
So unmanageable for the ignorant and brilliant alike?
Perhaps our brain organs/minds abhor the obvious snow
As empty space does a vacuum into which bright quarks
Briefly pop in and out of reality from energetic space.
But no computer will ever touch a human body or feel
Its system crash as our brains/minds do when we love.
Our minds may be our brains' abstractions of themselves,
But if one is removed the other collapses: thus for now,
No ghosts of ours will ever live consciously in machines.

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