Arroyo family vineyard among casualties of wine country fires
Posted 10/16/2017 02:00PM

The Arroyo family were among those who suffered losses due to the recent fires, though the extent is not yet clear.

Noelle (Arroyo) McGahan '98 serves as the business manager for the vineyard and winery. Her brother Alexander Arroyo '02 designed the label and Janice Boswell '10 does sales and hospitality.

The family recently sent this out to their supporters and customers:

Dearest Friends of Viluko Vineyards,

The wildfires in Sonoma and Napa counties have made this past week a time of great upheaval. The fires are unprecedented and their effects devastating. We are deeply grateful to report that our family, friends, and colleagues are safe and we are indebted to the first responders who made this so. And, we are very thankful to everyone who has reached out with your support as it has meant so much to us.

While we know Viluko was significantly affected by the fires, we are still waiting for access to the property to assess damage. Thankfully, our production and warehouse facilities are both in safe locations and our wine is unharmed.

Amidst this uncertainty, many of you have asked how you may help Viluko directly--the simplest way is to continue being a part of the Viluko community, and to spread the good word about our beautiful wines. As a small family vineyard, we have been proud to share our wine and land with you.

We'll send news as we learn more. In the meantime, we look forward to sending out our Fall shipment in late October.

Let us all raise a glass to resiliency, hope and healing.

Gratefully yours,

The Arroyo Family

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