Family Connection for Seniors

Senior year is an important time for college applications.  Our X Periods with seniors are aimed teaching students how to use Family Connection in the College Process.  Students and families are encouraged to use the Journal tools to document their progress and not hesitate to utilize the contact information from the colleges to communicate with the college representatives.  Check the home page regularly on Family Connection to check for college rep meetings at Saint Ignatius' Counseling Center throughout the year.   

College Admissions Data

Family Connection is used to track college admission data as it pertains to graduates of St. Ignatius College Preparatory. This information may be useful to provide historical context for current students engaging in the college admission process.

If interested, students of all grades levels (or their parents) may review this data as well.

The admissions information found on Family Connection is not an accurate prediction of future admission decisions by any college. Its only purpose is to provide a guideline as students create a well rounded college list with ‘Challenging,’ ‘Possible’ and ‘Likely’ schools.

It is criterical and required for all Seniors to update their college status with each college they apply to under "Colleges I'm apply to" along with their Senior College Exit Survey.

College Visit Schedule (at SI)

St. Ignatius routinely host College Admission representatives throughout the Fall to meet with interested or even mildly curious students. Regardless of level of interest in a particular college, Juniors are strongly encouraged to attend these meetings which are held either before school, during 5th period lunch and/or after school. The specific schedule is updated frequently and posted on Family Connection and in the Counseling Center. The college visit schedule (for the day) is also mentioned during our daily Announcements.

Students who note their colleges of interest as a ‘Prospective Colleges on Family Connection will receive an email informing them of a visit scheduled by any of the colleges on their list.


Test scores are received by St. Ignatius College Preparatory by both the College Board and ACT on disk which is then updated into Family Connection. Students must put our school code (053-010) on their test registration or scores will not be added as they will not have been received.

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