Tips for Sophomore Families

Here are some tips for Sophomore Families:

Keep communication open with your student

Allow for differences of opinion and personal growth opportunities.

Check in with your student

Check in regularly to ensure a balanced approach to academics, co curricular and social commitments.

Encouragement always required

Encourage your student to speak to his/her teachers/counselor, especially when help is needed.


Continue to pay attention to organization and time management skills.

Encouragement always wanted

Continue to show them encouragement

It is family time

Make time for family activities with your student.

Communication is always necessary

Talk with your student regularly on their personal well being.

Discuss aspirations and goals with your child.


Follow up how you can work as a team to meet their goals.

Your student still needs your help

Continue to monitor the level of usage of media devices.

Help them find their passion

Make sure your student is involved in their community.
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