Named Facilities

Campus Facilities | Honoree   

Commons | Carlin Commons

Jesuit Residence | Archbishop  Joseph T. McGucken Hall

Pacific Overlook | Columbus Piazza

Student Activities Center | Br. Douglas Draper, S.J., Student Center

Counseling Center | The Carl & Celia Berta Gellert Counseling Center in honor of Peter & Alberta Brusati

Student Concourse | Ann-Eve & Paul Hazen

Courtyard | Michel & Mary Orradre Courtyard

Main Entrance Plaza | In Memory of Alfred J. Cleary ’37

Main Campus Entrance | In Memory of Daniel & Mary Moriarty

Pavilion Plaza South | 1992 Ignatian Guild

Pavilion Plaza (Exterior) | The Robert J. McCarthy Family

North School Entrance | Michael J. & Nancy Lawson

South School Entrance | Ernest & Jenny Go

President’s Office | The Coyne Family

Main Office | In Memory of Emil Monfredini

Vice President’s Office | In Memory of Frank Lovette

Dean of Students’ Office | Daniel & Mary Feeney

Admissions Office | The 1994 Ignatian Guild

Office of the Asst. Principal for Academics | Dr. & Mrs. Collin P. Quock

Office of the Asst. Principal for Student Affairs | Mr. & Mrs. Fred Grant

Professional Development Director’s Office | In Memory of James Cantlen, Jr.

Principal’s Conference Room | In Thanksgiving to Duane Press

Fr. John Becker, S.J., Courtyard  | Peter Casey ’68 and Friends of Fr. Becker

Dean of Students Reception Area | John P. Horgan Family in honor of the Jesuits

Associated Student Body Offices | 1991 Student Council

Main Activities Office | The 1994 Ignatian Guild

Student Bookstore | The Bob Buich Family

Student Center Conference Room | Joseph & Marion Imhof

Student Publication Layout Room & Office | The 1994 Ignatian Guild

Faculty Dining Room | In Memory of the Feeney Bros.

Jesuit Residence Room | In Memory of Grace Anne Walsh

Fathers’ Club Board Room | In Honor of Fred L. Tocchini ’66

Jesuit Residence Conference Room | In Memory of Joseph Kiernan ’31

College Guidance Center | The 1993 Ignatian Guild

Counselors’ Offices | The Jacobitz Family (in memory of Fr. Largan)

 & Frank Badaracco (in memory of Donald & George)

 & In Memory of Daniel & Mary Moriarty

 & In Memory of the Moriarty & McInerney Families

 & In Memory of The O’Connell Family

Academic Support Services Office | In Memory of David James Hale, a gift from his family

McGucken Lobby | In Memory of Marion J. Collins

Alumni Office  | in honor of James W. Dekker ‘68

Activities Ticket Booth | A Gift of Christine and Vincent O’Gara

 Athletic Facilities | Honoree    

South Gymnasium | Barbara & Bob McCullough

Pool & Natatorium | The Herbst Foundation

Gymnasium Center | Martin D. Murphy, Esq.

Sports Pavilion | The S. H. Cowell Foundation

Main Athletic Field | J.B. Murphy

SI Track | In Memory of Jack Wilsey ’34

New Weight Room | Jane and James Ryan ’51 Weight Training Facility

South Gym Court | Drucker Court

Playing Field at Fairmont | Carter Field

Practice Field | Donald & Margaret Gordon ’43

Tennis Courts | The Brusati Family

 & The Christen Family

 & The Kelleher Family

 & The Kitt Family

Batting Center | Dana Family Batting Center

     Batting Cage #1 | Jim Keating

     Batting Cage #2 | Jim Dekker ’68

Team Locker Room | Ray Calcagno ’64

Pool Overlook | The 1994 Student Council

Field Concession Stand | In Memory of Stephen Cannata

Pavilion Snack Bar | “Harrington’s”

Girls’ Locker Room | Mrs. Celia Gellert

Boys’ Locker Room | In memory of John Patrick Feeney ’78

Girls’ Pool Locker Room | In Memory of Rose Toccalino

Boys’ Pool Locker Room | In Memory of George L. Formosa

Athletic Director’s Office | The Lo Family

Athletic Dept. Office | Mr. & Mrs. Charles Proses

Asst. Athletic Director’s Office | In Memory of Bernie McCann ’31

Press Box Announcer & Scorekeeper’s Room | Dale & Hayedeh Scott in honor of the class of 2014

Press Box Coaches’ Room | Gil Haskell ’61

Press Box Coaches’ Room | George “Pat” Malley ’49 & Gene Lynch ’49

Pool Instructor’s Office | Barry C. Marsh Family

New Weight Room Office | Terrence V McGuire ’45

Training Room | Joseph Bernstein, MD

Boys’ Coaches Office | Josephine & Walter Gordon

Sports Equipment Room | The Lapping Family

Weight Room Platform | A gift of the Meyer Family

Weight Room Platform | Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Calvello ’84 & family

Weight Room Platform | The de Souza Family (Lawrence de Souza ’88)

Weight Room Platform | Alex Karakozkoff '73

Pool Scoreboard | Canonica Family Scoreboard

Pool Record Board | Canonica Family Record Board

Pool Participation Area | In Honor of Ursula Marsten

Pool Starting Block | Dennis Murphy ’77

Athletic Conference Room #1 | Mr. & Mrs. Koutsoukos (commemorating the 100th anniversary of P.G. Molinari & Sons)

Athletic Conference Room #2 | Mr. & Mrs. Michael Boschetto ’74

Boys’ Athletic Training Room | Marianne & Louis Bachleder

Sports Rehabilitation Room | In Memory of Martha Franklin

Trophy Cases | The Regan Family (1)

 & The Paul Bruschera Family (1) (in memory of Thomas F. De Natale)

 & The De Natale Family (1) (in memory of Thomas F. De Natale)

 & The Buich Brothers (1)

 & Hagan Family (1) (in memory of James J. Hagan)

 & 1986 Student Council and Block Club

 & Joe & Lisa Allanson (2)

 School Facilities | Honoree   

Physical and Life Science Center | Richard D. Spohn, S.J., Science Center

Chemistry Hall #1 | The Class of 1994

Chemistry Hall #2 | The Class of 1995

Physics Hall #1 | Conrad N. Hilton

Physics Hall #2 | The Bartmann Science Hall in loving memory of Anthony Bartmann ’57 (a gift from his parents, Herbert and Elizabeth Bartmann)

Biology Hall #1 | The Class of 1996

Biology Hall #2 | The Class of 1997

Earth Science Hall | James T. Fitzgerald, M.D.

English Center | The Connolly Family English Center (in memory of John and Margaret Connolly and Family)

Classroom: Room 112 | Jane and Jim Ryan ’51

Classroom: Room 113 | In Memory of Joseph Sheerin ’27

Classroom: Room 115 | John G. Leahy ’57

Classroom: Room 117 | First Republic Bank Classroom

Classroom: Room 119 | Mr. thomas Richardson ’34

Classroom: Room 204 | A gift in honor of Mr. & Mrs. John Mullaney, Jr. ’61

Classroom: Room 305 | A gift from Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Allanson ’81 in honor of Mrs. Anny Medina, French Teacher

Classroom: Room 323 | Ralph K. Schwall Memorial Classroom

Classroom: Room 401 | Herbst Foundation Classroom

Classroom: Room 402 | Donald White ’42 Classroom

Classroom: Room 403 | Class of 1977

 Campus Ministry Facilities | Honoree   

Student Chapel | Orradre Chapel

Campus Ministry Center | The Nejasmich Family

Christian Service Center | Thomas Reed, S.J. Christian Service Center

Campus Ministry Activity Wing | In Memory of Jerome K. Doolan ’14

School Chapel | Jensen Chapel

Jesuit Residence Chapel (2nd floor) | In Loving Memory of Mary Lou Latno King

Jesuit Residence Chapel (3rd floor) | Eugene Marty ’44

Campus Ministry Reception Area | 1992 Ignatian Guild

Campus Minister’s Office | The Bertelsen Family

Asst. Campus Minister’s Office | Matt & Rose Duffy

Jesuit Residence Chapel Window | In Memory of Arthur J. Howard 

 Fine Arts Facilities | Honoree   

Performing Arts Theatre | Bannan Theatre

Black Box Theatre | The E. L. Wiegand Foundation

Choral Wing | Mary Ann and Jack Gibbons Hall of Music

Choral Room | Doris Duke Wall Choral Room

Fine Arts Center | Barbara & Jay Fritz Family

Bannan Theatre Stage | In loving memory of Kay Hutchinson, a gift from William Martin ’49

Bannan Theatre Makeup Room | A gift from Ms. Gretchen Lintner ’74

Wiegand Theatre Foyer | Beteta & Delong Family

Painting Studio | The Ernest Go Family

Theater Director’s Office | Sy Family

Choral Director’s Office | Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Lee Go

Art Display Case | Catherine and Daniel Leese Family Art Display Case

Band Room | Janet & Nick Sablinsky Band Room (courtesy of the 2003 Winter Pops) 

 Library Facilities | Honoree   

Campus Library | Wilsey Library

Library Resource Center | The 1993 Ignatian Guild

Library Research Center | The Bernard Osher Foundation

Wilsey Library Display Area | Diane B. Wilsey, in memory of Alfred S. Wilsey

Wilsey Library Exhibit Cases | A gift of the Paul Bruschera Family, in memory of Mary Pettit De Natale

Library Carrel | Brad ’88 and Alea Angeja

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